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  • the_raven_35 the_raven_35 Sep 9, 2011 3:22 PM Flag

    Big Call Option Activity at Dec 2011 $7.50s

    5400 contracts traded, mainly at the $0.70 ask, meaning someone is making an absolutely massive bet that this stock is higher than $8.20 come Dec 17th. ONly 1651 contracts of open that is more than 3x, meaning this is an outright bullish bet here. No offsetting put activity either.

    Admittedly, I sold out of FSIN completely a few weeks ago to play HRBN. Has paid off dramatically, but now I'm back in with both feet here. Always get suspicious of massive bullish bets on a Friday.



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    • Good news on that massive option buy was that it was basically all new interest there went from 1651 contracts to just over 6800 contracts.

      We are going to hear some great news soon. My opinion, but I've rotated back into FSIN big time.



    • More and more people believe that HRBN merger is serious. And, it is less and less likely that the takeover would be derailed. HRBN made all the proper filings and NASDAQ is not to delist the stock. How about the SEC? Alfred Little made a huge mistake. He tied HRBN with DEER in its last attack to both of them. DEER is now pursueing a law suit against him and making progress on that front. It is almost impossible now for the SEC to take any action before the court matter settles. By then, regardless whoever wins out, the takeover of HRBN probably already completed.

      The takeover of HRBN is serious, just by that, it is enought to lift FSIN. This is because that means takeover of FSIN is also serious. It involves the same company and similarly, the CEO. All it needs is to wait for the process to take its course.

      The bull believe by Dec the DD for the takeover would be comleted and the market would heated up for the subject, and FSIN would be trading at a much higher price.

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      • Starting with Interactive Brokers, which started the whole thing, the major brokers should all simultaneously increase the amount of margin allowed on this stock.

        That would scare the Idiot Shorts so badly, we would go up two points in two hours.

        No, I am not exaggerating. And one or two very big Players should go uber-long and prod the brokers to do this.

        It might have happened already, if the general Market had not been so very horrid - plus I'm being Bird Gamed again by the Stevies, but that's just silly and doesn't really matter.

        In any case, this one presents a humongous opportunity for some smart big predators willing to go LONG.