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  • taekwondo_4000yrs taekwondo_4000yrs Jul 13, 2007 4:09 PM Flag

    2-1 Stock Split Coming $$$$$$$$$$

    Also if you are holder of PKX ,Send an Email IR@POSCO.COM
    and ask them about stock split.

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    • Off course every stock you buy it has to split. I think your brain is being split too. If you understand teh reason behind this price jump. You never talk about split. It is like a poison bill against any hostile take over. The management people do not want to be unemployed after the new buyer kicks their ass out.
      I think the earnings are coming on Monday and this stock will drop atlesat $10

      • 2 Replies to marketaddict2003
      • A majority of companies will do a stock split, but not all companies believe in this action--Warren has stated many times over that he will not split simply to lower the price of his stock in an effort to allow smaller investors to purchase A shares of the company--this is why B shares were eventually created at 1/10 of the value.

        Also a stock split has -0- impact to any possible takeover can be $150 today and $75 tomorrow with double the shares, but total amount it takes to buy the company remains unchanged.

        Other actions are really necessary if Posco wants to avoid any takeover...#1 is to produce outstanding results to keep stockholders happy--a happy stockholder is one that will not vote to sell theie shares #2 is to form very tight relationships with other companies, and while this can be described under potential "poison pill" plans, it is difficult for stockholders to accept as all it does is reward management for doing nothing!

        Posco is certainly a viable company to be purchased as it has key connections for the future. PTE ratio will certainly unfold after the bell rings today.

        How about a little bit better usage of language? Makes one actually believe that those who post actually have something meaningful to say instead of spewing garbage.

      • Ignorant ass,

        Split price doesn't matter its the market cap that buyer will have to worry about u dumbass.

        This run up is about robust earnings expectations plus analyst
        upgrade the price target. who care's drop on price after earning'report? PKX will continue go up higher after some profit taking.

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