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    any one !

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    • I'm looking at this thing (BHBC) and just checked the rating at, which is a great site, though the information is a few months behind, because of the nature of their investigations. It's rated at two stars, which is higher than CRBC and some other banks that are participating in the TARP funding. Any info would be appreciated. BHBC is based in California, which is deadly mortgage-wise, but I just read that new home purchase were up 30%, the first rise in a very long time. Appreciate anyone's input

    • I'm im at $16.06.
      I've held onto all of my dividend paying stocks.Then placed 1/2 of my holding into the reinvestment plan.
      I'm in the red bad at this time.But hope to be ahead in the long run.These are my holdings and I hope I've made the right choice.


    • Indeed, I could not agree with you more emphatically. When I put in a buy order, it's followed immediately by a stop loss at 6 % below. As soon as the stock is up 6 % from the buy price, I put the stop loss right at the buy price. This causes a LOT of false starts, missed opportunities, and disappointments, and I cannot deny being f'ing infuriated many times at getting stopped out only to watch the stock then rocket higher and higher. But.....bottom line, you will not get crushed in a market correction with this type of strategy, you can only lose a few percent of your money.

      Ironically, the one and only time I have not followed this approach since 2001 is with the BDC's, which I thought of more as long-term income investments than "stock trading". Had I followed the approach with the BDC's I would have many more thousands of $ right now.

    • Have a nice day.

    • small gain sounds like something you take from the rear or front.... maybe you are lookinf for a BIG gain like 9..............."""""""""

    • happy story...sounds more like a gay party...did your boy friend sell rookies really piss me off...will never make real money ...too worried will get caught wearing panties....ass wipe

    • you are so coms were not real don't own the stock, aren't going to buy it,so keep quiet... i have bought real companies at these levels wmb after enron for 50 cents..sold for 20 dollars went to 38 now 14 bucks, so your 2 cents worth is worth 2 cents...shut it up and stay on the sidelines cats split ... by the way how many shares did you own??????????? 100.....ass hole

    • Good money after bad? For me, it is pretty simple, either MCGC can handle its debt or it cannot. If it can, the stock price should approach its NAV as the markets become convinced it can handle its debt load. If it can't, this stock goes to zero as its equity under a load of debt will kill it. Any revival in the CDO/CLO market (something Paulson is trying to do) would be a meaningful boon for this company's prospects and, one would think, its stock.

    • i love this post. I owned ACAS but got out with minimal damage (I really didn't want to go but had to) I am in MCGC for 1400 @3.52 since we are taking a tally. And I can give you all a bunch of reasons why I thought this was a decent investment.
      What I liked about the post is that it hits a large nail squarely on the head: financial experts are NOT. I am sure I do not know the market as most on this board do; however, being recently retired, I have totally too much time on my hands and have fallen into watching news programs and C_SPAN. I ain't real bright but I do have a keen sense for folks who don't know what the F they are talking about.
      The entire lineup on CNBC are whack jobs who float from one theory to another and have no clue. And I will admit to being dumb enough to listen to Cramer, which shows what I know. I am further amazed at Paulson; one would think that a major operator of such a huge financial company and now a spokesman for the financial health of the nation would be articulate, NOT. Either he doesn't know how to present a clear idea or he is stupid.
      Of course, you ALL know that the financial mess is caused by a cancer of equities and insurances bought and speculated on that not ONE person understands well enough to explain it in a fashion which will give our markets any confidence.
      Lastly, and I will get off this box, I don't think we have seen the tip of the flotsam of swindling that has occurred on Wall Street.
      I wish all of you well; if any can tell me if trying to double down at this point would be throwing good money after bad. I cannot tell. Best wishes for the holidays (this comment is one of the few I make without sarcasm.)

    • IMO cash flow is not the issue. It is the balance sheet and MTM w/o's that have killed the BDC's. In both of the companies cases, if covenants are breached and fininancial instutions aren't lienent on renegotiationg they could force sales of assets at reduced fire sale prices and cause liquidation or BK.

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