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  • younggatesaysgreen younggatesaysgreen Dec 2, 2010 2:01 AM Flag

    Heat = Diluting machine!

    Heat=Diluting machine!

    They have been increasing they're total share each year decreasing ownership and earning of each share.

    Too lazy to do percentage share increase of each year. Some one do it. thanks

    2006 5,726,000
    2007 6,550,000
    2008 22,176,000 <-increase 400%*
    2009 26,592,000 <-increase 20%*
    2010 Q1 32,967,000 <-increase 30%*
    2010 Q4 43.500,000 <-increase 25%

    This is my research.
    Your welcome!

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    • im long on sva. They do not dilute. Look up ther history. Not all company dilute

    • All companies dilute. That is why they call it stock. Investors take stock in the company.

      Selling shares is a major and primary source of capex funding, especially in a down market; banks have raised the bar for qualified borrowers.

    • Good try, shorts. Your number before Year 2007 really does not matter before it was listed on NASDAQ.

      Meanwhile, check the P/E ratio and PEG of the company. It is insane to have a company with P/E=5 or 6 while it is growing at +30% or more yearly.

      And, why is it increasing the number of shares? It is a growth story! They are expanding their production and sales. They have nation-wide sale/service network, and need to expand their business to West China with hubs in Chongqing and Xi'an.

      Bottomline: Bayclay's took the over-allotment at $5.00. They are not fools.

      Good luck shorting this stock.