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  • SimpleMoney SimpleMoney Apr 5, 2011 10:38 AM Flag

    I'm Out at $3.13

    I would have stayed in longer, but I'm taking my meager 10% and getting out. Once again, high volume is pushing the stock down.

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    • Still feeling good about that trade?? Funny how all the bashers have quieted down. Nobody wants to talk about the huge earnings power of this business.

    • I was out also at 3.20 today when the market was open. As I told you my lost is huge on heat, but I decided to play with heat as a very short term investment as you did. Today I bought it at 3.04 once again and sold at 3.24. 20 cent for 5000 share with 20 dollor commission off. I think Heat is dangerous to keep!! I averaged it from 12$ to 5.12 before i sold them on thursday. Look at the chart: from a year and half heat has been bearish. Why? if somebody asks himself/herself why this stock with this very impressive earning reports and fundamentals should go down like this could not find the answer???? I still do believe something wrong with heat. We have to very careful with Heat...

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      • I'm sorry you guys couldn't hang on. You guys exited this at the worst time possible, at the bottom. Its a common mistake, we saw it everywhere in 2009. The largest outflows out of the market were in March 2009 - when the market hit its bottom, that is when buying proved smart. I will not give any short-term projections anymore, but this will be trading much higher over the next few years.


      • There is Nothing wrong with HEAT, there are plenty of traders like yourself that buy high and sell low or jump in and out way to much and post lame comments. They are clearly the only ones with "something wrong". Good luck longs.

    • Liar. Taking your 10% you would have had to buy at 2.75

      It was there for such a short time, your just trying to get get those who are unsure to let go of their shes. NO the beginning happened at 3 even. Just so you know.

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      • Are you mad because I actually made money on this stock. Look at my posts. Hell, even ramimd can tell you I was negative all the way until Friday after hours (after the 400,000 shares moved the stock higher just before close).

        Once again, look at the 30,000+ share transactions, it's starting to drive the stock lower. This is a NEGATIVE trading signal. It doesn't mean the stock won't rise for a couple of days. It doesn't mean the volume won't pick up on the long side and drive it to $4/share. It means for someone, like me, who is trading this stock (aka: not a long term investor), this is a sell signal. I may get in later, but I'll be sure to post it 1,000 times so no one will miss my post and then call me a liar.

      • Nice math. 10% would be a buy in at 2.82

        ...and that's if he meant exactly 10%.

    • loser

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