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  • skymanoil skymanoil Feb 25, 2009 4:06 PM Flag

    OBAMA and Food

    Maybe this will explain it:


    The main goal of The Communist Manifesto was to focus on class struggle and motivate the common people to riot. Even more so, it was designed to envision a model government, whose economics would destroy the upper class - freeing the lower class from tyranny. According to The Communist Manifesto, Communism has ten essential planks:

    Abolition of Private Property.
    Heavy Progressive Income Tax.
    Abolition of Rights of Inheritance.
    Confiscation of Property Rights.
    Central Bank.
    Government Ownership of Communication and Transportation.
    Government Ownership of Factories and Agriculture.
    Government Control of Labor.
    Corporate Farms and Regional Planning.
    Government Control of Education

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    • very well put!

    • You morons forgot that it was Bush and the GOP thieves that got us in this mess.

      • 4 Replies to drgeorgy1
      • On the subject of bio fuel and ethanol being a major reason for spike in crop commodity prices i would suggest its over stated. Unfortuneately i think higher commodity prices were/are coming regardless of biofuel and ethanol pressure. The crop/commodity prices were so under priced that farmers were going bankrupt and how long would that go on before supply slowed up. Higher ag prices had to come, but it is convenient to blame bio fuel. Once the world realizes the higher demand and challenges to supply for these commodities are increasing the commodity price will climb again. I cant say i like it but the reality is without reasonable commodity prices the growth in supply wont happen. Of course like everyone else i would like low energy, low food, prices, but the reality is that its going to go the other way in the long term. Its a question of how one hedges these costs.

      • They don't forget, they ignore. Here is what the Bush admin really was:

        Fuedalism: The main form of social organization in medieval Europe; the term was first used in 1839. A system based primarily on land, feudalism involved a hierarchy of authority, rights, and power that extended from the monarchy downwards. At the head of the system the crown owned all the land. Beneath the crown, an intricate network of duties and obligations linked royalty, tenants-in-chief (such as the barons), under-tenants (knights), and villeins (serfs).

      • I may be a moron, but you are naively ignorant in the extreme if you think this mess is all Bush's fault. And if you think the democrats are not thieves you would make a moron look like Einstein.

      • It interests me that people do not understand that economies have cycles. They grow, they contract. I am all for assigning blame to Bush, however people seem to forget that under Bush, there were 4 solid years of growth and spending. Enough spending that many decided to spend beyond belief and their own families means, buy homes they could not afford, boats, cars, vacations, refis, etc., etc. When that particular bubble burst (and this was not Bush's "fault" - there is much blame to go all around) and the economy naturally contracted, it did so at a much more rapid pace. In the beginning, Obama's big campaign slogan was the Iraq war. He just happened to be lucky enough to be the other one during a vicious financial crisis. How many of Obama's buddies pocketed big bucks during this? Anyhow, I am happy to have initiated my first position in this stock today. Good luck to all!

    • Yeah, I hope people are happy with their change. What is truly frightening is the number of people who support this dismantling of America without the slightest understanding of anything. Ever watch Jaywalking on Leno? The public educational system has done a perfect job of creating brain-washed little robots with iPods and porn feeding their perception of reality. Its over. At least for a generation or so. Hopefully one day the people, after losing their iPods and free porn, will rise up and take back control of their country.

    • It looks like his plan to me.

    • Looks like we are on our way....

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