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  • razormd razormd Mar 3, 2006 3:11 PM Flag

    So far my own DD looks pretty good...


    ...first, management doesn't appear overpaid...a company with over 130 million dollars in annual revenues and the chairman and CEO salaries together amount to only $639,000... on my checklist is management holdings...the CEO and chairman together own about 140,000 shares of stock -- about 9% of the total number outstanding... on balance sheet...last quarter says it was 22.5 million -- a 100% increase from the 11 million the year before...22.5 million amounts to over four dollars a share in cash.

    ...debt on the balance sheet -- "long-term notes payable" stands at 1.5 million -- a decrease of $700,000 from 2.2 million the year before... value stands at over $7.00 a share -- and no "goodwill" on the balance sheet to confuse that number...

    ...the company has made money every year for the past five years -- that's as far back as I go... bogus news releases -- the one's I read all contained solid news -- e.g.:

    ...earnings and revenue growth have been good if not stupendous...and I like that they have stayed focused on their field and appear to be building a solid company.

    ...technically, stochastics say it is extremely oversold at this point.

    ...I've bought some and will gradually buy more...I rate it a "buy" between 10 and 12...a "strong buy" if it drops to between 8 and 10.

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