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  • savageforhire savageforhire Sep 8, 2005 3:32 PM Flag

    this message board

    I find it interesting that when I check this message board (at lest once per week, because I own stock in the company). All that I see and read are people insulting each other! I can only assume that you work for aflac, and I feel ashamed to own stock in this company. If you do work for aflac have some respect for the people you work with. I don't even know why I'm writing this, I just feel the need to vent after reading messages on this site for so long. This is not a chat room, it is designed for for people who are interested in the companys stock. I have never seen so much bitching for a company that seems do be doing so well. Why not imput some information that other people would find useful. If you just want to make fun of each other please find another way, or just don't say anything at all.

    Disapointed stock holder...

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    • I wonder what's the secret of keeping a stock for such a long time? I meant obvious you are a winner!

    • Good point Dealer.....this Bozo doesn't realize that how a company sells it's product has a direct bearing on revenue. Aflac has been able to get away with the model that they have now, but it won't last forever. Most of the agencies where I am won't touch Aflac with a ten foot pole due to their management (or lack thereof)!

    • You are right in that this message board is nothing more than a pissing contest for a few victim-minded folks who let their own bitterness control them. I do not think that they are current employees.

      As a former employee, I think that Aflac is a great company with great products. On the other hand, I also think that some of these guys have some valid points about Aflac's sales model. (Unfortunately, their message gets lost in their delivery.) I personally believe that the company needs to make a lot of changes in its sales approach and the structure of its sales force (including commissions). The current model, while it does produce sales, is a bit antiquated. I believe that a lot of sales opportunities are lost using the current model. I believe that with a few changes its sales could sky rocket within a few short years.

      On the whole, though, I am happy to still own Aflac stock it. I go to other financial message boards and forums for intelligent discussion and exchange of thought.

      Just my two cents.

    • Thank You!! Dealer dog, slow who ever, and a few more seem to have nothing to do but show how much they dont know week after week. I dont waste time with them anymore as it is an insult to waste time on them. You want to know about stock ,ok ,been with afl for over 20 years and have never I say again NEVER lost money. NEVER If you are looking for short sell then go elsewhere, I hold long term in large cap stocks which is afl. some yrs have been better than others but over the long its been a money maker. I buy every month. For those 20 + yrs I've listened to those naysayers that afl would'nt make it could'nt possibly make a profit selling those worthless policies etc, etc, etc. Well they probly wish they had bought some this worthless stock now cause it didnt go down or bust it went up and up then splits then goes up and up ... get the message? Made me quite rich and it is still doing that. So the hell with the naysayers look at the financials, profit margins, PE, sales increases quarter after quarter yr after yr and make up your own mind. The truth will make you rich! Goodbye.................................

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