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  • buckobrennan buckobrennan Jan 19, 2001 4:23 PM Flag

    it aint me

    bucko didn't sell any of his shares today. actually i'm taking any cash i have and plan on placing a buy order monday morning. did we get ahead of ourselves? maybe slightly. but this decline is unwarranted. time to double up or at least add to the ole portfolio. YJGLTS!!!-HANG TOUGH FOLKS.-bucko/the duckster

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    • Hey Buckarooo -

      How 'bout less hype and more substance. It seems from my quick review of the posts on this board that the basic philosophy of the bulls is that "AFLAC will do well in the future because it did well in the past." That's a pretty simplistic investment philosophy that ignores the dynamic nature of markets. If investing was that easy, we'd all be rich.

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      • This company has a great track record, great management and motivated sales people. All added up to a great stock for LONG term investors.

        Sure they will come under pressure in Japan but I think their long-term strategy, started in earnest several years ago to attack the US market will pay large dividends.

        Management is the key to any company; you will not find much better anywhere.

      • sam..:
        wait a second. aflac qtr after qtr. does the numbers. 4th qtr. is about to be annouced (1/29)and i'm sure they will beat est. AGAIN!!! this company is the same company that ran up in price from 37 to 75 range. nothing has changed except the price. major scare was put upon the the ins. co. market as a whole.with your major research SHOW ME WHERE AFLAC IS NOT PRODUCING.
        this is a great company that is the envy of any and all competitors. they have found a niche in the ins. market and exploited it to full potential. AFLAC WILL RETURN TO 70 soon. it will be a stronger 70 as the ratio of loyal afl longs will be greater.
        did afl get ahead of itself at 75? maybe. probably. but this is a overcorrection. STAY LONG MY FRIENDS. these shorts had better cover soon.-bucko

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