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  • subnr1 subnr1 Aug 8, 2005 9:17 AM Flag

    whats she going to do??

    got back in around $16/sh.. like this nice quiet/slow trend upwards.. doubled up on Friday afternoon..

    since the fundamentals aren't expected to change until mid 06 barring a failure to recover the projected loss, as that story fades from the current memory of investors, how many think this has the legs to return to the upper 20's??

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    • T-e-l-l... you're one letter short on a not too tough word, ... one GIANT thought short of anything demonstrating brain activity.

      Hope you're short, not just disgruntled.

      Reminds me of the -- hey, maybe that's 'cause you were one of the yokels -- folks talking about single digits for CMN after its killer day.

      It's clear that you've got BAD answers pencilled in for all the questions you (rightly) raise. Maybe, you think that if you tossed 10 coins you could make 'em all come up heads. Maybe, you think CMN mgt. is criminal.

      Any other assumptions (mine, say) and this stock is a steal below $20.

    • Reilly has just the answer to your questions

      Why did my stock drop from $30 to $18 overnight? Can't tel
      Why did you buy your latest acquisition? Can't tel
      How much did you spend to buy it? Can't tel
      What do you expect to make on it? Can't tel
      What about the dental supply business did you find proprietary? can't tel
      Did you say there was a strategy? Can't Tel
      What does it mean that you are in the infection detection and control business? Can't tell

      What should I do now as an investor? Can't tell

    • I thought you were going to be... harsh.

      Thanks for your self-restraint.... I know I can be more than a little arrogant -- and was in my last post.

      I envy you your retirement status -- more than I can say -- you obviously run your life well, if that's any indication.

      Your corrective about the Vegas/market analogy is sound, of course.... I'd just add the 2 "fine points" that (1) the key thing is "knowing when (and when not) to get up from the table; and (2) past performance (in both) has little (market) or nothing (Vegas) to do with the next "leg" (up or down). (On rereading, I'll admit that there are no small # of people who'd disagree on my point re the market [so called momentum players], but I think there's an almost equal body of thought that says that buying SOUND out-of-favor stocks is the way to go.)

      I really believe -- as must be obvious -- that the market grossly over-reacted to the "bad news" CMN doled out. "Fairness" isn't always to be expected, but it DOES (when absent) provide opportunities for investment profits.

      When you start with the real impact of the loss of the distribution stream being far enough out in the future to "work around," add that there's gonna be some 1-time payments that cushion the blow, ... then factor in the recently announced acquisition... and remember that distribution was "peripheral" to CMN's "mission...." OH YES, and that CMN is in a sector with more going for it (health, life) than any other I can think of --

      the only reason for you to exit CMN now or in the near future is something else you deem tremendously attractive and/or a kind of heartburn that your investment in CMN has given you and will dissipate when/if you sell.

      All the best!

    • ME. I hope to get out @ $20 in one account. Then hold 'til $24 in another just to break even. Cann't wait around for climb back to mid 20s and higher. (This quess upwards may be frought with error!)

      • 1 Reply to that_dav_guy
      • I think you ("Dav Guy") will be leaving a fistful on the table, but I understand your position, no pun intended.

        It's just that this was so clearly among the grossest exaggerations -- in terms of "cratering" as it did -- I've ever seen.... It's easy to say that folks learned from 1999-2001 that bailing (almost whenever) worked better than staying the course, and if there were anything that called into question mgt's competence and/or honesty, I'd be a great deal more "accepting." But a company with multiple (and somewhat diverse) operations should not be slaughtered because one hits a speed bump, especially not one that is central to its mission, hence its likely (VERY) purchase by someone else.

        And having done what they did last week by way of replacing the revenue & profits, I reiterate that I can see this guy retracing the whole unwinding. Some specialist (and his/her "house") will be building a castle or doing something equally fantastic with what they took on the way down and on the way back up.

        Don't know whether you meant "guess" or "quest" in your sloppy post (especially the inane "thinking" about "getting even"), but there's always uncertainty, as I'm sure you *DO* know. It's just that in this case the stock was selling (and arguably still is) as if it were certain to be a much smaller company in a year or 2.

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