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  • tutiecookie tutiecookie Sep 13, 2005 12:25 PM Flag

    is this the opportunity

    I've been waiting for?

    Been monitoring CMN for since it got a haircut this summer.

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    • Oh yeah!

      Well, don't take my word for it -- I'm both self-interested and none the better for the haircut you mentioned.... OTOH I never fell in love with stock.... I just think it's WAY! undervalued at this point and if I wasn't both well-loaded in it and a little trepidatious about the mkt as a whole, I would buy some more.... Of course, the 2nd point may influence you, too.

      Good co., good mgt. (in terms of past performance), good focus, a willingness to sell the whole shebang and not just if someone offers them a gazillion dollars -- actually, this last sticks in my mind as having been represented by someone else on this board "plausibly" a while back.... Since it's at the core of my case, I probably should try to "nail it down," but investing is my "second job," so I'll leave that to you if you care.... My point, of course, is that "payday" depends less on good execution for the next 5 years than it does on a strong and visible trend to consolidation in "health care" continuing for a while.

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      • trepidatious? That is a $10 word.

        I am retired after 42+ years of business experience. Bought my first stock in 1968. Investing is not a job but it is maintaining the family nestegg.

        CMN has the feel of a good future large cap. The management has developed a good company, which will either grow itself or be bought up by somebody like JNJ. Either way I don't think you will lose. I just bought more this morning.

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