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  • realmcjonboy realmcjonboy Sep 29, 2005 5:53 PM Flag

    ROLLIE did u cover2day...

    ...I know your lurking, what do you make of todays E., still think were going to $12???? I have been in CMN for 10 yrs. and seen them get their head held under water sevral times (SARS,PRICE WARS, ECT.) and they ALWAYS come back even stronger, even CRAMER says management is more important than the sector your in.

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    • You gotta say momentum is building and the momentum guys are going to hop on board very soon. Maybe 30 by Turkey Day, Definitely by New Years Eve, don't you think. Let's loader up from here boys. You gotta love all the positive news on the last call. Reilly is brillant, maybe CEO of the year material. With the huge turnaround from the eariler misfortunes, defintiely on track for big things ahead.

    • CKCM looking like good short today! Nice rally for CMN - Wed great buying opp- I think back to low 30s...

    • its too lightly traded at the moment. Doesn't take much "dislike" to really move it..

      by the way, charting software I use implies "someone" is buying it in bigger chunks during this selloff.. Not a lot of buying, but suspect they are thinking they are getting a good deal..

      the charting software shows someone has been accumulating some the last 3 days. I can only get a rough indication that something is going on, not how much..

    • You are exactly right about the chart; tends to be good showing direction, but gets magnitude wrong, usually overstates. It likes CKCM to 21, then your pullback to 17.

      I find hard to believe how hard small rally in CMN was sold - who hates this stock so much?

    • well if there is any "good news", its that the volume is "light"...

      but I am welcoming of the opportunity. Now lets see where it bases at...

      disclosure: neither long nor short... still watching...

    • if you look back at where CMN dropped to $16 and began its slow climb, it was looking very promising.

      I got in because I thought it was oversold for its CURRENT status, its potential problem in 06 not withstanding...

      the open on the gap on the earnings release is not surprising either, lots of chasing taking place is the norm. And when it didn't follow thru??

      It will be interesting. I see a little more downside based on the last couple of days events. Looking to see a little more shakeout take place...

      The chart you posted seems to be reacting purely to what has happened in terms of volume and prices?? I ran it at 5 and 5 to try and take into account a very short term set of data points. I got $39 by 10/6???

    • have a friend who is heavy into TA. His theory is that a GAP has to/will in most cases fill before the stock can continue its advance. CMN opened a nice GAP yesterday.

      I am out at the moment, just watching to see what happens. Based on the stock action, it appears the CC could have been called "neutral"? didn't hurt, didn't prompt another surge in buying?

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      • sub, Is this what the TA guys wanted, retraced 50+% of yesterdays gain, good vol. and closed 50% off yesterdays gain? Today was also the end of 3rd. Q. (window dressing by fund) alot of them had nice profits in CMN since its run up from $16,and took them today. I will hold as my avg. sh. price is under $5, if they didn't have the water treatment I'd bail, funds think that sector is sexy as of late.LUCK ALL!!!

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