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  • ronang_2000 ronang_2000 May 17, 2006 6:58 PM Flag

    Market Report - Eternal Friends

    The start of this week was rough as a cob, as economic changes take place. The fed is trying to put just a little charmin back in every stall.

    M2 was reaching the high water mark, but seems to be in safe level, now.
    This week, the men�s room is full of Large Caps. Their big heads can be seen peaking out, as they try not to get caught by any by-passing janitors.

    Now, who would use good paper to write a manufacturing report, but those on the high thrown. They seem to like what they see, but we are wondering what they can see from so high up.

    Corporate Profits are expected to grow like corn raised over a septic tank, for the next few months. Employment can do its business, the cotton is up. For April and the projections May and June are for only slight changes in cotton height, this should be plenty of cover for employment. The consumer price index used the same stall for April 2006 as it did for April 2005. Oil prices seem to be over the runs now, and the Fed is done hiking its dress on cold mornings and its rates for now. The bill the president signed, keeping all the stall fees same for the next 10 to 15 years, should have perked up some ears, but you can not tell it from todays trading. You will not need to go to the out house to look for bargains tomorrow.

    The Coal Index has ARLP looking like black gold facets at a yard sale, that is, if you happen to be looking for black gold facets. The swirling of the bowl will carry away any potential germs; but it will take STE and CMN to kill them. Everyone wants the same luxurious seats they had last year. We say, go conservative; hold your stocks and potatoes until June.

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