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  • rolliefollie rolliefollie Oct 9, 2006 8:46 AM Flag

    Patient appears abscessed and impacted, maybe needs extraction

    as they say in the dental business. With the captain of the ship rowing away on his own vessel soon, the cantel barge continues to head for the shoals. With no one to chart the course in unknown waters maybe the Board should consider alternatives now. The sum of the pieces may be worth more than the whole, (or was that hole, after Olympus, Frenisus, and the dental flossing of the shareholders.) A mini-glom with no strengths in anything meaningful is a prime candidate for spin-off of the pieces.

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    • What the heck are you gabbing about?

      • 1 Reply to scottsbailey
      • Mr. Bailey apparently you did not see that Can't tells fearless leader from your ancestral homeland, a one Mr. Reilly, was preparing to sail away into the sunset enjoying a Bailey's Irish cream and thanking the Board for their largess. As the dearture vessel gathers steam the wake left behind will swamp the current price emerging again only in the single digits and as Mr. Diker has used up all his lifebuoys a while back and finds himself a bit dingied up himself there appears no life line left for ol' Can't tell.

        Can't tell is taking on water and lots of it. The Capitain of the Board needs to consider finding a tug boat to put the ship in the hands of another shipyard or jetison the pieces thereof soon before the ship resides at the same level as whale excrement. The sum of the parts may be > than the whole or was that hole after Olympus, Fresnus and dental debacus.

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