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  • firstchoicemy firstchoicemy Oct 11, 2006 8:50 PM Flag

    for CMN

    Dutton Associates� XING analyst Stanley estimate this year high XING EPS 1.80 and Y2007 EPS 2.18!
    Then,this year fair value price of XING stock will be $36! -------> 1.80*20=36. -------> same industry average P/E:25.62.
    If we apply possible P/E 25,
    Then,the stock price can go up to $45 within this year! -----> 1.80*25=45.
    And,next year fair value price of XING will be $43.60! ------> 2.18*20=43.60.
    And,when we apply possible P/E 25,
    then,the stock price will go up to $54.50 in next year! -----> 2.18*20=54.50.
    Present stock value:$28.80 ------> Y2005 EPS 1.44( EPS 1.68 with one time gain)*20=28.80 --� same industry average P/E:25.62.
    And, XING stock price went up to $52.31 in JAN/10/2000 when Y2000 EPS was only EPS 0.24 and P/E went up to P/E 217.20 at that time! --------> 52.31/0.24=217.20.

    This stock will pop up at least 10% to 20% on the day of reporting Record 2nd Quarter 96.6M Sales and Record at least 100% increased 2nd Quarter Earning in the company history compared to previous same Quarter Earning 18 cents! ------> 136% increased 12.9M Income compared to previous same Quarter Income is coming!

    Low,low P/E 9.56 because of terrific Y2005 EPS 1.68(1.44 without one time gain) compared to Y2004 EPS 0.17!
    The table for industry players' ratios by Yahoo Finance is a nice summary and reminder of how strong Xing's appreciation potential is. One thing I especially like, more than P/E, is Xing's ROE(=return of equity). If you rank the table by ROE:
    Xing is almost tied with Comtech at the 2nd position in the industry. This says all about how strong this company's operational result is and how high a return Xing is dishing out to shareholders every year.

    Record 2nd Quarter Earning and Sales Report in the company history is coming closer within few days!(OCT 13 to OCT 16).
    Present stock value:$28.80(1.44*20=28.80. same industry average P/E: 25.62).

    << Present stock price : only $16.42 >>

    XING is recommended to "STRONG BUY" by Dutton Associates!
    XING is recommended to "STRONG BUY" by Thomson Financial!
    XING is recommended to "STRONG BUY" by!
    XING is upgraded to"A" by IBD!
    XING is graded as "A" stock by Navellier!
    XING is picked up by stock pick guru Kevin Kennedy!
    XING is purchased more by famous institutional buyers!

    XING has good products and big,huge market!
    Qiaoxing Group is listed in "Y2006 Annual Global Chinese Tycoons 500" list!!
    China news report good XING business now!
    China economy is growing fastest in a decade!

    XING will put one of it's subsidiary company into IPO sooner or later,so,we can benefit from the IPO! ------> CECT or some other subsidiary company of XING.

    The company estimate 30% increased Record $463M Sales in the company history this year! ------> they made $356M Sales in Y2005!
    The company estimate annual average 35% income growth until Y2010!
    XING is the most safe and profitable stock!

    XING is going up!

    XING Top 100 stocks for OCT 11!

    Do not miss this , big money making chance!
    Do your own DD!

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