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  • cgptmsi cgptmsi May 18, 2006 9:59 PM Flag

    Nice valuation

    I'm not talking about simple user interface issues, I am talking about the failure of their support to keep the entire system up and running. Companies would not go through the difficult process of replacing their system due to some user complaints. they would -and are- change their system due to consistent failures by the company to provide support that ensures that their system is available/up and running.

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    • You couldn't be more off if you tried. Look at their market share!! Obviously, you haven't done your homework. This company is all about support and service. It's closest competitor is stumbling on their feet!!I couldn't be happier with them. The biggest strength they have though is their R&D. Keep an eye on their R&D. They are strong!!! Just do a little research before you post!

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      • Just listened to the CEO talk at an investment banking seminar. Over the next 3 years expect Revenue growth at 14-17% per year, and eps growth of 25% per year. Expect the cash balance to be 450 million in 3 years. And this guy has been conservative in his numbers since 2001. All biz segments doing well. They are adding new clients and getting recurring revenue from old/existing clients. WOW..