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  • Networthdev Networthdev Mar 7, 2012 12:09 PM Flag

    ISRG competitor TITXF and MONEY

    Product is just in testing, but look at who is signing up for the testing systems. Will not be in human clinical trials until next year, so understandable market cap is only $100 million.

    Also, their Exclusive License Agreement with Columbia University for Novel Single Port Robotic Surgery System is very promising.

    Check out this presentation (link below) and it may change your perspective. A serious ISRG competitor would be welcomed by MANY, and this company may be that competitor. I have a small position now, but am doing research to decide about timing and size of ultimate position I want to hold. Interested, in serious opinions/thoughts on their system.

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    • Competitors for ISRG are coming as several key patents are expiring soon and universities are working on improving the performance and uses for a robot under development called the Raven. This will chip away at ISRG's uside. I can see ISRG going up 50-100% but I see MAKO up 3x-5x from here over the next 3-5 years. They have a lock on the orthopedic robotic surgery space with their patents and their exclusive, worldwide license for Immersion's entire patent library for surgery applications. There's a robotic knee surgery in the UK that's about to find out that lesson firsthand. Now ten years from now MAKO might run into patent issues or challenges from the ability to regrow meniscus, cartilage etc. For now, they're in a really good place.

      Info on Raven: "And since some of Intuitive Surgical's key patents are soon to expire, many medical companies that have been sitting on the sidelines "waiting for the right time to jump in" may find the time is ripe to do so, he added..."

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      • ^^"uside" should read "upside"

      • Thanks, appreciate the info, and tracking the Raven efforts. Larger players could be be very interested in jumping in and that could also make TITXF an attractive acquisition target. They will have done the ground work and would shorten the time to market for anyone interested.

        Agree on MAKO and have been a shareholder for a while. Just like ISRG, expect this to become a bigger and bigger differential and pull more deals, as more centers have it and advertise. Sister-in-law is a CNO and have had conversations about the NEED to have the da Vinci, from a marketing perspective, or lose business to hospitals that have it.

      • Every December Titan screws its shareholders by throwing more shares on the market as shelf offerings. Check out the chart. A 30-40% haircut once per year every year.

        Also ISRG is getting over 300+ patents per year and many are continuations in part of their early patents. If you do not know what a continuation in part patent is I strongly suggest you go read about them and find out why they are so important.

        Finally, Titan themselves has said their units will be priced nearly the same as ISRG's units. So if they are priced the same, and ISRG has a over 1000 units placed and thousands of surgeons trained, what would be the driving force for a hospital to place one of Titan's units? Why would a hospital want to have two different units requiring different training, different components, and different service contracts? That pretty much looks like a no-brainer to me.

        Oh, and about the patents, Titan has admitted they have NOT done a prior art search so there is a darn good chance as soon as soon as their units hit the real world ISRG's lawyers will take them to court for infringement. I have studied the handfull (literally) of Titan's patents and everything they are claiming ISRG has claimed in at least 30 or more issued patents. I see ZERO room for Titan to operate without being under at least one of ISRG's patents.

        I used to own stock in Titan and made a heck of a lot of money on it, but it is pie in the sky at best at this stage. Certainly ZERO reason to hold the stock through any December time period because they just dilute the stock at will every December.