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  • iamdeebo831 iamdeebo831 Nov 8, 2012 12:38 AM Flag

    Procedures are always slower in the 3rd quarter

    While an increase would have been nice, 3rd quarter procedure growth is typically slower than other quarter. Why? Because Surgeons are on vacation in July August and September and patients don't want to have knee operations during the summertime months when it is nice outside and they have vacation plans. When you have to schedule this surgery for a month in advance you do it after vacation time is over.

    Considering all the good news I heard today, the slight down tick in utilization does not concern me one bit. Hospitals and surgeons are not dishing out all this money for the RIO to let it collect dust. Increase in RIO sales is everything right now.

    With increasing hip applications being sold and a typically busy 4th quarter, expect utilization to increase significantly.