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  • livermore1929 livermore1929 Feb 11, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    Correction MYTEK, I bought it at 11.10, I've traded it before from 36 - 38, and made money

    I know that you love to post your pretend trades all over the boards, after the stock has gone up of course. You never claim a loss, which is of course impossible. You always claim some outragous options trade made you $250,000 in a week or the like. Pretty much everybody and his brother knows that you are a fraud.

    I will again offer you the opprotunity to bet whether I made the trade in question, whether I bought 5,000 at 11.10 on MAKO, we put the money ($5,000) in an escrow account and fax or scan the trade confirmations and account verifications to a lawyer. You lose, you pay, you win, I pay. I offered you this deal once before on another stock however (of course) you slinked away.

    Prove that you are not a fraud MYTEK, take the bet.

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    • Hey Livermore, don't listen to Mytek. Don't feed the fire. He's a fraudster and we all know it. Don't stoop to his level. He's been on everyone's ignore list for a long time. You should add him to yours as well. Less noise.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy