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  • newgrad2012 newgrad2012 Feb 12, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

    Man, they did it again, sold off a tiny run, wonder when reality will click in?

    New machines being sold all over the country, 47% more proceedures YOY, yet still the stock languishes, odd, odd and suspicious.

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    • Newgrad,

      The only thing more painful than watching paint dry, is hearing you talk about paint drying... please do some research and contribute something worthy to the discussion ;-)

    • Newgrad2012, they spend money like drunken sailors and they don't manage expectations very well. They are not yet profitable......This is a long shot stock at best.....sure you see growth sure the YOY numbers are me a couple of months profit. I am long as well now because I lost my butt already buying a little higher. They did a conference call on a Monday and never mentioned the other offering and then bang .......all these shares come out lower then most of us bought the stock......CRAZY DAYS.....

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      • Sorry that you bought in higher, I'm in at 12.25, I jumped the gun and bought what looked to be a breakout, and then I didn't sell when it wasn't confirmed. In the next two days it went down 10% on no news at all.

        I wouldn't say this is a long shot stock at all as 20,000 proceedures have already been done by their machines, and are running at a clip of 3,000 per quater. It is now an extreme value stock. I would say that at this point it is controlled by daytraders who sell off even a 10 cent rise. A long shot stock would be NFLX at a p/e of 600.

        I don't blame them for taking a quick 2%, however it seems a little short sited to me. I still say this is a 30 dollar stock in a year.