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  • donknute donknute Mar 12, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    MAKO Surgical Factory Tour 3/8/13

    From post on MF boards. Possible clues to good quarter Q1 and Q2? FWIW. It's at least an interesting look inside:

    "Found on FB. South Florida Manufacturers Association

    Pic 17 Map of apparent MAKO placements. Shows the Castle Medical Center (Honolulu-Adventist) which is newer and not yet on MAKO website. Might be Q1. if not def Q4. Also appears to be one in Anchorage. New? Some of the pins colors might be linked to chains.

    Pics 20-37 Nice shots of one of two MAKO RIO production lines

    *Pic 26 RIO #243 Build. Sign notes "Due 04-APR"

    Replace * x 2

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    • Just curious, has MAKO ever done a shareholders tour?
      I would love to visit the facility. I would even more love to sit in on a sales' meeting, or three.

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      • FWIW – I attended MAKO’s annual shareholder meeting in June 2012. This is what I posted on another board: After the formal meeting we were given a Q&A period and a product demonstration with a tour of the facility. We were each given the opportunity to use the RIO for hips and knees. Since I am not an orthopedic surgeon (and I do not play one on TV) I cannot speak from their perspective, but as an engineer, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality and capability of the device. The product assembly areas appeared to be the model of efficiency designed around Kanban and Kaizen principles.

        The single most impressive thing was the quality of the people. We had over three and a half hours to question everyone including directors, senior managers, technicians on the factory floor and warehouse personnel. Throughout that period I don’t recall a situation where people did not know the answer to a question. Whether the question was about the impact of Obama Care, competitive products, production rates, field failures, or warehouse inventory turnover we got solid answers and at no time did anyone say “I’ll have to look that up”

      • yes I went on a tour of facilities at the annual meeting.seeing the robot and who ever wanted too could could operate the arm. this way you could get to feel the sensation of the arm in action.It was very impressive.

      • I think they have in the past, at least before they built the second production line. InvestorUSA is down that way I think and might know.

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