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  • donknute donknute Mar 14, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    MAKO Sues BlueBelt and former manager

    "Gellman joined Mako Surgical in 2010 as a national sales manager. As part of his employment, Gellman signed a non-disclosure of proprietary company information agreement. He also signed a non-compete agreement that stated he wouldn’t give Mako Surgical’s secrets to a competitor or assist a competitor with sales within a year of leaving the company.

    Blue Belt began recruiting Gellman in late 2012, according to the lawsuit. In January 2013, while still employed at Mako Surgical but with an agreement to join Blue Belt, Gellman sent over 45 emails from his work account to his and his wife’s personal email accounts that contained confidential information, according to the lawsuit. This included customer lists, marketing proposals, information about RIO and related software, financial statements and employee compensation plans.

    Mako Surgical alleges that he gave his information to Blue Belt after he resigned on Jan. 25. Blue Belt announced Gellman’s hiring as VP of sales on Feb. 5.

    Mako Surgical’s complaint charges Gellman with breach of contract and breach of employees’ duty of loyalty. It charges both Gellman and Blue Belt with tortuous interference, civil conspiracy and misappropriation of trade secrets. The company demanded damages and an injunction against the defendants from continuing to utilize that information."
    For full article go to bizjournals south florida

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    • Makomeknee, you're joking that you couldn't find info on Blue Belt losing the case? Also Stryker's case against BB is still in court. ""MAKO is pleased with the sweeping and substantial injunctive relief we obtained on an expedited basis," said Maurice R. Ferré, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of MAKO. "We will remain vigilant in protecting the substantial investments made in becoming the leader in the field of robotically assisted orthopedic surgery."

      The Order for Permanent Injunction was entered contemporaneous to a separate settlement agreement among Blue Belt, Mr. Gellman and MAKO, which provided MAKO with the described stipulated order, along with additional relief and future protections....."

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    • josef.novak Mar 14, 2013 2:04 PM Flag

      Looks like today's action indicates investor concern over competition, as if Mako sees it that way enough to launch a lawsuit, unwarranted as that may be.

    • The overwhelming sentiment in response to donknute's post of news of MAKO's lawsuit against Bluebelt seems to be one of "it makes sense." I would just add the thought that it is akin to "going for the jugular." How stupid could BB be to hire away a sales guy from MAKO who has a signed non-compete? - BB announced the hiring in a press release - marking the exact date of employment! There is significant legal precedent of sales people moving over to competitors and bringing confidential sales info - this should be an open and shut case given the "smoking gun" (emails).

      I would also add that looking farther down the road, BB is in for a rough time - as the recent ISRG brew ha-ha is revealing, MAKO's technology in haptics/tactile feedback is a very important safety component of orthopedic robotics. Hospitals will start questioning BB's lack of it, if they haven't already. I'm sure the hospital in Fresno, CA that bought the first BB box may be having buyer's remorse right about now.

    • That Gellman what low moral fortitude he displayed who would buy from this salesman?

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    • josef.novak Mar 14, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

      As I view Blue Belt 's technology, it seems very similar to RIO in the way it performs - am i wrong?

    • This is EXACTLY why you invest on the horizon. That said, the horizon is looking a little vertical to me, asymptotic in fact. I wish I knew where I was on it.