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  • bridgejumper08 bridgejumper08 Mar 22, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    AAOS did not go well or other problems

    Below $10.50 and then no support.

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    • I disagree. It could jump up to $12 quite easily and then head up toward $13 by next week. I doubt it will dip below 10.50 come next week. We will see.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • OK, need to leave this board, you guys are scary obesessed with a clear turkey. Scary...cult?

    • Their suit dumped the stock. Shows that they are scared. Read below--no prejudice here, just my "seasoned" opinion.

    • Mako was not much of a player at AAOS. Little companies usually aren't. A novelty, but robo ortho has been around for a couple of decades so it's kind of like a WII on the floor. They try it, they coo a little bit, then they move on to the big players that pay their rent. Disclosure: I hold no stock in this or any other ortho-I'd have a conflict problem since I'm in the M&A part of the business. My charge is the marketing part of the user (call me the "ortho whisperer"). I benefit from this board because it's an insight into the street investor who does not know the business (as opposed to the intitutional, which BETTER know the business) and helps with input into a PR campaign. I have never made any "buy" or "sell" recommendations in any of my comments--I leave that to you traders that know about that--I don't. I'm pretty much stuck with muni bonds because of my tax liability. It pains me to see the tenacity around a marginal technology that has dumped 74% Y-T-Y and I offer a purely scientific/marketing input, not investing. How many of you have seen this system in surgery or have used it? I wish you all the best of good luck. From a scientific, M&A analysis and business model viewpoint, with all due respect, think about letting go.

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      • Jdt, Mako went with a 3,500 sf "pavilion" per this board and AAOS. Stepping up their game.

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      • AAOS is not the same meeting that it once was. Of course they were smaller than Stryker, Depuy, Biomet, Zimmer as their not going to use up all their cash and resources on one meeting even if it is AAOS. I heard they had decent traction and the meeting show went very well. I heard that implant usage is already up as they are implementing their new program with their new VP of sales. It may tak a little while but this stock could see $20 again this year. Not sure why you are ripping this stock so much as they have a great product and good chance of long term success,possibly a buyout by a big player sooner than later. JDT

        Sentiment: Buy

      • "..think about letting go". Lol. Thanks for the advice. Your argument that the lawsuit came about because MAKO was "scared" Is flawed. C'mon, man. Heavyweight Stryker also sued BlueBelt for the exact same thing. Does that mean Stryker is "scared"? With all due respect, Wow.

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