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  • fattymcfaddy fattymcfaddy Mar 22, 2013 3:47 PM Flag

    Can someone list the advantages of MAKO's robotic surgery system vs. BlueBelt?

    Apparently, the street is spooked over competition worries so let's get it out into the open

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    • I would not try to compare. MAKO has over all a better product for their clients and a better future for us the investors. I am pretty sure about this. MAKO will make you happy whithin the next 3 months. By the way I am pumping SCIO not MAKO so don't take this for granted.

    • They're HUGE. Handheld, instead of that clunky arm thing that takes half an hour to drape and gets in the way. NO pre-op CT! OPEN implant choice. Lower cost but that's negligible compared to the other three. I don't think the street is spooked by the competition in itself . The street is spooked by Mako's suit. Suing a competitor is a sign of desperation and a sign that MAKO is spooked by the competition.

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      • Their plan was to be open source on the implant, but that may have changed as they have to pay for their OR specialist somehow. From the job description for a Blue Belt OR specialist, note they are to bill the hospital for implantables:

        Blue Belt -Simply Hired- 12/21/12

        "Become an expert in the company’s technology, and assist surgeons with system function, implant placement, and precision bone preparation as needed during surgery.

        - For any disposable or implantable products consumed during surgery, obtain hospital PO for company billing."

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Ludicrous. Really? It that why Stryker is also suing Blue Belt? Desperation??? LOL

        Mass Device
        "A federal judge bars Blue Belt Technologies' new hire, ex-Stryker marketing director James Bruty, from attending the annual American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons conference in Chicago this week.

        Bruty allegedly told Stryker he was leaving for a non-competing company called 4Web, according to the lawsuit. But Stryker soon discovered that Bruty allegedly lied about his destination "and took competitive employment as Blue Belt Technologies Inc.'s vice president of sales & marketing in violation of his non-compete covenant" and "downloaded Stryker's highly confidential and proprietary information and trade secrets to an external hard drive," according to the documents. Bruty also allegedly sought to lure other Stryker Navigation employees away to Blue Belt, the lawsuit states.

        Stryker asked Neff to bar Bruty from the AAOS conference and from further alleged violations of his separation deal with Stryker. The company is also seeking injunctions barring Bruty's employment as vice president of sales & marketing for Blue Belt or in any capacity for its navigation products; an injunction barring Bruty from contact with any potential customers gleaned from his time at Stryker; an order to return any devices used to transfer data from his Stryker laptop; an injunction against contacting any Stryker employees; damages, punitive damages and legal fees.

        Neff ordered Bruty to stay away from the AAOS conference and barred him and Blue Belt from using any information obtained from Stryker and from contacting any Stryker employees in an effort to lure them away to Blue Belt. Neff also ordered Bruty to return "any and all files, devices and/or documents that contain or relate to Stryker's confidential and proprietary information, including without limitation, all computers, electronic media, PDAs and electronic storage devices," according to the documents."

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Robotic ortho surgery is a small, self-limiting market. Look at Robodoc, been out there for 25 years. Zimmer introduced a custom-fit knee at AAOS and it's WAY bigger than anything robotic will ever be (even though it's a small, "gimmick" market for Zimmer-custom implants have been out there forever too). Orthos have a very unique, wonderful personality (although, not to stereotype-every one is different). Robotic to them is like offering an autopilot to somebody who drives a Corvette. My opinions are strictly my own (but are well-informed) and may or not be stupid :-) GLTA!

    • Blue Belt Tech's handheld tool appears to be more of a smart cutting instrument rather than a robotics system