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  • xraythrives xraythrives Jun 25, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

    So what are you guys opinions of the CEO?- (Non psychopaths only please)


    Those who don't comment on it ten times a day would be a good definition of sanity.

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    • You go out and try selling a hospital one of these million dollar machines!

    • This is all very interesting details of MAKO; but not necessarily of Ferre as CEO. i will repeat what I have said before - Ferre is now no longer the Chairman of the Board. I take that for what it is... he is on a shorter leash. Is he an adequate CEO? Is he even above -avg? I willingly concede to those who support him that he is! For me, I'm more focused on "what could be" - MAKO is a great technology and great business idea! In the hands of a true visionary and executive (someone who literally knows how to "execute" a business plan), MAKO could be a high-growth, highly visible, story of American business ingenuity similar to Apple (S. Jobs era). Much of the momentum and Wall St. (institutional) excitement in MAKO has died out over the past 12 months.

      I have seen Netflix, Tesla, Edward Lifesciences and other great growth stories regain their footing in the after-math of the Great Recession. MAKO deserves a CEO with vision and who can pound the table to get people's attention and deliver the goods. I feel in my bones that Ferre is not that visionary leader... evidence - 1) spending co. money on a PR co. to help him minimize his speech impediments, 2) keeping his exec team of old, white guys from Z-KAT and GE to manage MAKO (the fact that they all wore ties should have raised a red flag), 3) selling out to GE and staying there earlier in his career.

    • Great stuff guys. Thanks to all who added something new.

    • Some major bumps along the way making this volatile. However, institutions still maintain a heavy presence. 152 Institutions holding 70% of the float. I'm okay with Ferre' for now. Added hip, researching total knee and FAI. Maintained and strengthened partnership with Orthosensor. Took an equity stake in Pipeline. Initiated dialogue and agreement with Canadian govt on research collaboration, planning a State of Florida sponsored major research facility for robotic surgery, aggressively went after Blue Belt & Stanmore Implants with successful results. Saw a major class action dismissed. Added a 2nd production line. New training centers added. Revamped marketing and sales departments, etc

      Give it time. We're approaching break-even. Stock is oversold and the reality is that Ferre has taken us from revenue of $2M four years ago to over $120M today.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I am quite disappointed with Ferre since last year. It has played out like a classic corporate politics novel. Missed first time then he come in pump it up. Missed it again then he come in fire the old sales VP. Missed on top line, then he claims they will refoucs on utilization. Missed again on the top line again. Now he is bring in new leadership. He has been talking a good game but has not delivered. We only have so much patient before it runs dry. i will give him 2 more quarter before I vote with my feet and dump all my holdings in this company...

      • I am not sure that your line of facts lead me to the same conclusion. "Added Hip" but has that really made a difference or added more cost? MAKO has 3 hip implant lines, the Corin line which they previously report writing off 33% of their investment if you couple their report with statements made by Corin in their UK press release about MAKO's purchase. They have some "Z" product line used by only handful of surgeons and then Pipeline product line. The major issue is now they are selling other company's implants, which likely means they are not making margins on this razor blade business like they do with the partial knee line. ("Z" might be Mako's, but they don't sell it to anyone.)
        The Orthosensor arrangement is foggy to me. Perhaps something they plan to put into a TKA product, but I did note that one of the founders of the Orthosensor company is a leading user of RIK robot. Those types of arrangements are concerning.
        "Took an equity stake in Pipeline" - Pipeline appears to have never manufactured an implant before. The team there appears to have a track record of developing technology, but never an entire implant line. If this is the implant MAKO is putting all its hopes into, I hope that they do their due diligence better than with Corin or maybe a new write off is coming. Is it possible to check performance or failure data on the implants in the US? We usually try to leverage registries in the Nordics and the UK, but Pipeline has not European products.
        "Canadian agreement" - please send me reference to where MAKO states they have agreement in Canada. I called MAKO Canadian distributor to get more information but found that the distributor does not represent MAKO for years. They suggest there were discussions, but nothing ever happened.
        "Robotic surgery center" - interesting philanthropy but would be better to give away profits instead of more losses. This is poor timing. Management needs to make profit first. After he can spend it on these projects.

        Sentiment: Hold