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  • robmxaa robmxaa Jun 27, 2013 2:34 PM Flag


    Seems to me that expectations are low and have been for some time, at least since last July when the sp fell from around 25 to 13 or so and before that from 45.

    And the absolute numbers of unit sales is so low that a surprise to the downside should be minimal while a surprise to the upside much more likely. Maybe not this quarter but in the near term, less than a year. If and when this occurs this stock will return to very rapid appreciation IMO. Worth the wait and the risk.

    Seeing higher lows and highs lately, good sign.

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    • Agree. Heck, if they can even hit the low end of the 45-48 guidance (45 units, same as last year or flat as some say) it would STILL grow the installed base by 30%. Procedures continue to jump at ~$5,000 for each. There's a tipping point coming where procedures carry the company vs units and not vice versa. Technically its already happened but will become more apparent to more investors over the next 6-12 months.

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      • Do you see any convincing reason to expect the number of units sold to jump substantially in the near future?
        The anticipated major improvements in the technology and expansion into other joint procedures, save the hip, have not happened. Reception of the hip seems lackluster.
        Exciting innovation is not in evidence any more.
        Meanwhile, other companies are offering improving alternatives, cheaper.
        I'm down to 1/2 my investment value here and thinking of just taking my losses and bailing out.