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  • speedlake Jul 18, 2013 9:03 AM Flag

    New RIOS Verification Thread.

    Should anyone come across a new RIOS, or even the reasonable hint of one, please add the Facility and Location here to help determine if it is accounted for or a phantom.

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    • speedlake Aug 9, 2013 1:50 PM Flag

      Shands Lakeshore appears to be up and running.

      60 miles from closest RIO AND near retired GATOR country.
      UF Health is building its own Health System. Watch this one.

    • speedlake Jul 25, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

      136 U.S. Locations on MAKO site.

      I know a few MD, CA, FL sites are not accounted for yet but does anyone know the official number of locations in U.S. ?

    • Add Upper Chesepeake Medical Center in Bel Air, MD to the list. Both knee and hip.

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    • Pettingill sits on the Board of Directors at Mako Surgical and Tenet FWIW. Then again, so does Jeb Bush but even Bush is familiar with MAKO from his terms as governor and toured MAKO's facilities after the 2nd production line was built. Tenet KNOWS Mako.

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    • Might be adding the Tenet Hospital in San Ramon, CA as well. From an article on yesterday's unveiling of the Manteca unit, reporter mentioned that Tenet bought 5 MAKO units and the nearest (to Manteca) is in San Ramon. I'm not showing any on my list from San Ramon and Tenet owned more than 5 MAKOs in 2012 so this may be referring a NEW buy of 5 units??? Article also indicates Manteca bought the HIP app as well.

      Manteca bulletin July 17th, 2013
      "ROBOT IN SURGERY: The week has been pretty slow as far as news events with the exception of my being in one of the operating rooms at Doctors Hospital Monday for nearly two hours. I had to put on scrubs, booties and a cap to watch and photograph an orientation of the MAKO plasty robot arm that is being unveiled today to the public between 2 and 5 p.m. in the hospital’s conference center. The $1 million state-of-the-art gizmo performs partial knee and hip replacements with precision and with surgeon marked registration points through the use of a computer.

      There is only one other hospital with the MAKO system in all of San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties. The Tenet Corporation, the parent company for Doctors Hospital, purchased a total of five robots in their system with the closest being in San Ramon. It’s pretty neat to see this come to Manteca on the heels of the hospital’s Imaging Center adjacent to the new $17 million cancer center across town near Highway 99 and Spreckels Avenue..."

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    • Speedlake, GREAT find on MAnteca. I added it to know list of known sales/potential sales since 1/1/13 (5 sold in Q1):

      1. Stringfellow Memorial Anniston AL US
      2. Sebastian River Medical Center Sebastian FL US
      3. Gilmore Medical Center Amory MS US
      4. Memorial Hermann Memorial City Houston TX US
      5. Des Peres Hospital St Louis MO US
      6. Stevenson Surgery Center Fremont CA US
      7. Boulder Comm Hospital Boulder CO US
      8. Oschner Medical Center New Orleans LA US
      9. Las Palmas Medical Center El Paso TX US
      10. Larkin Hospital Miami FL US
      11. Mass General MA US (unconfirmed, per analyst mention of Mass Gen'l now with commercial unit)
      12. Guthrie Hospital NY US
      13. St Joseph Stockton CA US
      14. Advanced Surgery Center Bethesda MD US
      15. Mt Elizabeth Singapore SINGAPORE (unconfirmed DEMO vs SALE)
      16. Doctors Hospital Manteca CA US
      17. Hong Kong (Unconfirmed- twitter, doc certfied)

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    • speedlake Jul 18, 2013 9:13 AM Flag

      Manteca, CA - Doctor's Hospital (Google News this A.M.) Not on Mako site or in the 'list" up to Q1-13

    • Buffalo, New York - Kenmore Mercy Hospital. Don't know if listed or not?