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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Sep 4, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

    for anyone who cares what we are doing on this

    We just sold out all of our trading shares here, leaving only our small base position put on below $12.75.

    We think this will run to $20, but we have other fish to fry so decided to bail here. We don't owe anyone a fiduciary duty in this forum, but if you followed us on this, you made a lot of money short from $38 to $11 and then long from high $12s to $15+.

    Again, fwiw, we see the shares getting back towards $20 before eoy, but the next conference call will reveal a big improvement in the outlook and support for the shares going much higher... or it will bring a ho hum outlook which will not be good for these shares.

    Proceeds to EXPE (investment) and HLF (trade). TPX starting to work, too... and how about those darling airlines and AAPL.

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    • and just for rogerfhead, you might read the entire post and do some charting to learn our selections noted the since Sep 4th listing are up a blended 12%+ vs mako up 7% pre-deal announcement (which included the unusual call option activity bump the night before announcement that the SEC is now investigating. In fact, every one of those allocations is up more than mako except for AAPL which should jumpstart momentarily.

      But do read our thread again, your comments are those of an uninformed idiot. LOL

    • hey squeezet*ts, per the written words on this post u initiated, u made it very clear to all u sold out of mako days before the 85% pop heard around the med tech world. u have ZERO street cred. pussycat... arn't ya getting the hint that maybe you're not the brightest one on this board?

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      • Are you retirded? What makes you think we want to trade mensa contact info with anyone anywhere?Go ahead, look that up and then continue reading jackass. Begin by reading this entire thread just to prevent yourself from continuing to make a jackass out of your stupidity.

        Next, what about that post has anything to do with the good fortune for those who got bailed out of this butch from $42 to 10? As for street cred, we have one of the top performing funds in the business for the last 22 years so we have all that we want. As for cred with a retird who cannot process information? FY and the glue factory horse you rode in on. LOL

        Now go back on this board 15 months ago and see that we were shorting a substantial position between $36-38... all the putzes called us idiots and we were pressured for about two weeks as the momo guys chased it to $44, and then it started a multimonth collapse all the way back to our $10 prophecy. Look it up gomer! Then see how we suggested that cheerleaders would take it from then 12 all the way back to high teen or so before it dropped again on likely further Q number fails. It sure did. Remaining long the big core short, we played those swings as noted here and then covered in the big short at below $12. You must be new -all the longtimers such as donknute, newyorkknick and kaywala have been point/counterpointing with us from the start.

        For the remedial retird in you, then go back and read this return to long (and partially hedged) beginning at $12 and then bailing out of some in mid $15s and then the core at $16 weeks later. We even repeated then that the shares would likely get up to our 20-22 target before guidance was given for 2014, which we believed (and still do) would have been flattish to sub par systems sales for 2013.

        We make no excuse for missing out on the nice bump for the deal. Had we suffered down with it as most pm did be thrilled to be out at $30 after almost 6 quarters of disappointing numbers here. LOL

      • losers quit the BS

    • clearstone72 revealing more than stupidity now... the former nuisance "norseman" poster here is now using "clearstone72" to document she uses many posts here. Who else would sign in 9 times to recommend such ridiculous posts and then post thumbs down on relevant posts? The tool went so lame as to sign off on her latest Forest Gump post as "bye bye, norseman." LOL

      Run Forest Run! And off to the ignore bin with this clearstone72 nonsense as well.

      Amidst all of her tarded tart obfuscation #$%$, we want to share that we blew out the MAKO shares.

      For those paying attention, EXPE is already moving, and MPEL is going to require us to increase our PT as it runs ahead of schedule. LOL

    • Not sure why you feel the need for name-calling as a way to defend yourself. I don't disagree with you about MAKO, but i do find your excessive posts about your short-term trading profits (if real) just very distasteful. if there is anything that we have learned in the New World Order after the Great Financial Meltdown is that people dedicated to trading for a profit add disproportionately little to the benefit of civilization. Yes, you may help the markets function a bit more efficiently, but you're not creating a new technology or building something that adds value to mankind's utility - you are just a winner or LOSER in a zero-sum game. And yes, i am probably sounding like a hypocrite given that I have made indecent profits from trading, but i try not to brag about it on a daily basis.

      One of the things i really like about MAKO is that it is trying to add value to society by helping people live more fulfilling and productive lives esp. toward the later part of their lives. We should all be rooting for its success wholeheartedly whether we have invested in it or not.

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      • Clearstone,
        "Not sure why you..." take it on yourself to share your opinion on my posts and then tell me not to "defend" myself. As you can see on this thread, there are several posters who read our views with intellect and civility. Notice how well our discourse goes, and then compare that with you and thumbsupasz who try to dis me and tell me what to write.

        I don't care if you agree with me -- that is not important, nor does it have anything to do with the why part. And about your "real or not" comments, give some thought to the timing of our comments on various positions over time. You may come to the realization that we generally share those views on entry and exit, and note that these comments are not done after the tape but in real time.

        As for what I've done for the world and various charities, you have no F idea what my wife and I have done in and for various needy enterprises and people and you may want to read a little Nietzche on your next vacation. Get back to your "indecent" profits, and get ready to step up your self loathing when your hero unleashes missiles into Syria.

        A final point for the "thumbs up" crowd on your S posts: go back and look at my partner's and my posts when the stock was above $35. We explained why we thought the stock would soon crumble, perhaps all the way back to $10 or less. We said system sales were stalling and likely to get worse near term and well below guidance and expectations, utilization was unimpressive and contrary to a forward systems ramp, the cost-benefit equation was haunting for the story for the foreseeable future, management was not only stumbling on execution but seemed to not understand the severity of their situation, international progress was out in Peter Pan's Neverland, pm would soon become disenchanted, and increased scrutiny around medicare issues would not be helpful. It took a few more weeks to top in the low $40s. Our posts typically had 5-10 thumbs down as many here were in love. LOL

    • thanks for the quality comments from a few here...

      This has been a good airing of our views and with the retail tape bump today it is time for us to exit pending a big surge in guidance for systems and OUS prospects. We've been liquidating all the micro and small caps this week and just sold out the last 15k shares at roughly $15.80 (on the theme that other stories have better cash flow, ebitda growth vs deficit, stronger capital/ balance sheets, and more capable management teams with upsides at significantly less risk).

      The run to $20 is ahead, but after the big win here on the short side, we are very happy with this up 24% in a few months from our blended basis in that small original piece as well as many tiers of trading gains as it has come up in recent weeks.

      Special thanks to kay and donknutes for their updates and good luck to the longs. We'll track the story with interest into the next guidance update.

    • Our comments here have created dissonance for many over time (long and short) and the posters who react to them as if they are morons are obviously incapable of processing our views. We could care less about childish comments made such as those by thumbsupaz. But no, we are not looking to save anyone from anything, and we have no hero complex. The market humbles everyone who has ever been involved in managing money. As for "dribble", we do not play basketball these days.

      For those who have considered our views here over time with some intellect, good for you -- you have likely avoided the big losses many here suffered, and you've likely made some of the turnaround coin that we have. Being involved with a small cap, disruptive technology in the medical equip,ent business entails many risks, and this company still has a long way to go to overcome its current balance sheet, capital, utilization and clinician adoption hurdles and executive management has been far less than deft handling these challenges.
      if you were not such a moron I'd suggest you have a lot to learn from reading our perspectives over time. Instead, I'll suggest that several of the longtimers here have made some very thoughtful comments about our views (negative, then neutral, then positive on the company). They also seem to be able to comprehend that we are still long a small (for us) position.

    • Oh thank you thank you for your attempt to save us from our selves.WE need more heros like you guys to lead us. What a bunch of self aggrandizing pin heads. Exactly what were you trying to accomplish by writing such dribble .Who cares!!! FOR SURE NO ONE ON THIS BOARD DOES.

    • Squeeze,
      In February, you were ambivalent and calling for a $2/$3 move in either direction up OR down from around $11. Glad to see it went up and then some. Agree with your $20 call and expect certain analysts $23 targets can be achieved with decent Q3 and indication of hip uptake as predicted. A bulkish pre-announce on Q4 wouldn't surprise me either.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Spotnorse,
        You realize that our up or down a few bucks from around $11-12 was the range between then right up through early August, right? And if you read the rest of our posts, you'll also note that we put on our small core (still long those shares) with offset hedge short position in the middle of the range on the turnaround as positive institutional money flows became evident.

        But let's start where you did. In February, coming off a decent but not great systems sales number for the December Q but soft on utilization (again) and management actually shaky on the call about overcoming problems, it was easy for us to share the view of many pm involved in the stock that we were a long way from being assured that, as the ceo said, "[They] were going to fix this." As you and the quality posters here know, the systems numbers for the next two quarters were very soft and now the story has the 2H stacked to hit what seemed like overly optimistic guidance for 2013 back in February. We'll pass on a listing of med devices companies that have followed that same thorny path in recent years, but HNSN now even isrg are on that grid. Still, as discussed, we are assuming mako hits the 2h number and that is not our concern -- it is more about adoption beyond the scheduled installs, because without a major ramp in new systems and transitioning to OUS, the big margin on system sales is not going to get them to where utilization can fix cash flow and capital.

        So, if you want to understand how our views have morphed and why we came back onto the shares with offset hedge prior to the June Q guidance update, don't stop in February... keep on reading the file if you have nothing better to do. or you can just read our posts over the last two weeks here, that will give you more than enough info re our short from $38 to $11, and then hedged long getting to 100% long (core and trading share chunks) and now back to just the small core.

    • Don't really care for your self-serving, advertisements disguised as posts, but will be tracking MAKO's perf. against your new pumps on Expedia, Herbalife, Tempur-Sealy, airline stocks, and Apple. Here's hoping you made a big mistake! Will be tracking your bets.

    • Squeeze, if you think this will run to 20 why give up the trading shares even? Timing?

      • 2 Replies to newyorknick25
      • Ahh... one of the guys who always asks thoughtful questions, even when he hated our short call at $38.

        To recap, we think this will get to $20 near term and certainly by EOY unless they F up on guidance (as they did Q1 and throughout last year). If they miss the 2H, the stock will be slammed. Ignoring that risk (chastened management ought to have learned they can;t do that again), we see that as "all there is" unless there is to be a major revision higher for the install and utilization curves. The recent isrg PRelations debacle is just beginning to have a chilling effect on the sector, too, and we see far faster, more assured and bigger ebitda/share price growth opportunities elsewhere -- without the capital, balance sheet and growth uncertainties present here. One thing is certain, the unrealistic growth expectations that underpinned the $40+ share price two years ago have been decimated...

        Good luck to those staying on this with serious allocations relative to total investable assets... for us, the 15k residual shares are trivial.

        P.S. Those following along with our hlf trades had some fun of late, huh? Same on expe, dal, alk, aapl and tpx. All of those have been major successes for us and have lots of headroom from present levels. Those digging back a bit further will see the victories on CMG, NKE, GS, BAC and around a dozen or so other stocks with the risk reward/short interest/oversold conditions we love to hunt down and shoot between the eyes with a bazooka. LOL

      • speedlake Sep 4, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

        Time vs. Risk