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  • yahoo yahoo May 4, 2005 10:16 PM Flag

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    • bonnuss in aus Long on DELL ### writes:

      "Unmistakably the "real" RollsWrangler:"


      BTW: Why isn't He posting here any more?

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      • Because they learned long ago not to disapoint
        without telling Wallstreet in advance. It is as simple as
        that. Any reputable company today will announce before
        earnings if they are coming in short. Dell may tell us
        that tomorrow but not likely. I am also sure at this
        point that Dell is holding in reserve what is permitted
        by the SEC so that earnings projections will be

        What is going to move this stock will be the top line.
        This is of course just my opinion, but Wallstreet
        knows Dell is going to squeeze more money out of every
        dollar they make than anyother hardware maker.
        Wallstreet wants to see the top line. If Dell has continued
        to take market share (we know they have) and revs
        are increasing at an acceptable rate (not sure what
        the street wants to see)they will continue to reward
        this company.

        Anyway for what all of that BS
        is worth. I am still positive Dell will make the
        .17, and the way the stock has been moving sideways,
        this should still give a bounce.