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    • Devil's Cove is the place to find the lovely ladies. I'm 30 minutes away by houseboat and 4 minutes by jetboat.

    • Tax rates are even higher than Austin in most other Travis county cities and you get fewer services for your tax money. The homes are appraised higher for good reasons. Mine are because of schools, hill country views, zoning, and/or waterfront.

    • you need to get out of the Austin area. Housing is too high and now it looks like property taxes are too high. You almost have to be a millionare to live there these days. Must be from all those tax breaks given to Dell an some of the other big companies in Austin. They have to make it up someplace I guess. Why don't you move to quiet (quiet?)little San Marcos or conservative New Braunfels. Hey even Wimberly wouldn't be bad. Nice views out that way.

    • The houseboat is just about a done deal. The survey went well yesterday and should be finished today. Closing on Tuesday. Still a couple of months of work to do fixing up the boat and building a dock but it'll ready in plenty of time for the start of boating season.

      I'd like to invite you and your families to a houseboat warming party on Memorial Day weekend if you're not too busy.

      The boat is more or less the same as the one below except I've got a hot tub, waterslide, and 2 full baths. The dining area hutch in the photo isn't in mine. That space is taken up with a refrigerator, washer/dryer, and shower stall for the second bath. Where the fridge is in the photo is additional kitchen counter space and the stovetop. The stovetop in the middle of the wetbar sucks IMO. In my boat that's free & clear with a dishwasher & icemaker located underneath it. You can never have too much kitchen counter space.

    • My knowledge of tax laws is limited, but what it looks like is a lot of execs at Sprint and probably at other companies avoided taxes on their stock options, thanks to a "tax-planning" set-up developed by Ernst & Young.

      You may want to explain the difference between tax avoidance and tax deferral.
      In any case, the IRS seems to think that those execs didn't pay the taxes they should have.