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  • milyunairenextdoor milyunairenextdoor Oct 31, 2005 6:17 PM Flag

    Who has the most to gain?

    Dell, HPQ, Lenovo, Gateway?

    Over the long term (5+ years) which stock will do the best? Serious commentary only, please.,hpq

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    • speakez Oct 31, 2005 6:49 PM Flag

      Gateway will be out of business. No differientator on either price or features. No real distribution channel

      Dell invents nothing and has no R&D. They rely soley on an image of low price which isn't true and flashy marketing. Meanwhile they have acquired the reputation as the worst customer service in the industry. They will never be a major player in Enterprise IT as they don't sell enterprise class products. They screwed up with their exclusive realtionship with Intel and AMD is firmly in IBM and HP's camp and will punish Dell for that mistake. Not possible for them to dominate.

      HP offers customers a more complete package of enterprise and commodity products, but they have real problems with IA64 which could have been their foothold into enterprise side. They will shift their focus to more consumer and commodity focus, which spells trouble for Dell and will bury Gateway. HP has a squeeky clean image in the corporate worls and all things equal customers would rather buy from them than the Dell salespeople who are considered scumbags and sleezy.

      The real winner will be IBM. They will get by OEM'ing Lenova. Their enterprise class Power 5+ architecture will destroy everyone else on price/performance and their database and middleware products are industry leaders and will drive hardware sales. They have a great story on Linux which blows Dell's linux practice away. It's easy for IBM to bundle all their products and beat anyone else.

      The clear winner is IBM

    • .
      1. Gateway

      2. Lenovo

      Dell and HPQ will lag the market