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  • grizziily79 grizziily79 Nov 4, 2005 9:33 AM Flag

    DELL $80,000,000,000 (BILLION) revenue


    Dell is expected to have revenue of $80 BILLION per year in within the next 3 years.....

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    • Currently Dell is $50 BILLION and more revenue company, and is forcast to reach $80 BILLION

      Wakeup appleheads, dell sells more than just music players..

      FActs hurts little shorts, that is why I like posting them.

    • $50,000,000,000 (Billion)
      $50,000,000,000 (Billion)
      $50,000,000,000 (Billion)
      $50,000,000,000 (Billion)......I'm thinking $80,000,000,0000 (Billion)

      Polly wanna cracker!!!!

    • LOL.......BP__CR, I almost have to disagree with you.

      The idiot savant would listen a little more intently.

      Grizzly/TechGuru is a talking parrot. He needs to focus on getting the mites out of his feathers rather than babbling -- $50 Billion, $50 Billion, $50 Billion......going to $80 Billion......BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

    • Arguing with you is like talking to an idiot savant. Who cares what profits did in the last 3 years? That's yesterday's news. Profits will not double in the next 3 years. Profits will not be 50% higher in 3 years and not even 25% higher.

      Dell is in a lose/lose situation, competing against the Chinese and other capable competitors in the high volume, low price PC segment. And their cost structure will not allow them to compete effectively for too much longer. Lenovo and other Asian competitors are going to eat their lunch.

      Mark my words.

    • U R a dipshit. So what if revenues increase? Unit margin decreases will offset volume increases and hold profits constant (or slightly lower). And unless the PE increases (which is unlikely for a low earnings growth stock) stock will remain flat or fall.

      Think before you post, you single digit IQ moron. Go back to driveling about how Dell will be $80 billion in revenues. Even if they hit $80 billion in revenues their overall profit level will remain unchanged (or be somewhat lower) than 2005 levels.

      Shit for Brains.

    • Autistic Guru:

      Still waiting for a intelligent answer -- saying "$80 Billion" and seeing "$80 Billion" is fact vs. fantasy.

      Just because you say you're going to win the lottery, doesn't mean you will.

      Please provide an answer with solid facts of how Dell will accomplish the $80 Billion's losing market share & the profits are starting to follow the same path.

      Not to mention, Dell's overhead is starting to get rather large -- think about all of these great new factories & tech-support centers.......these facilities aren't free.

    • Guru just cuts and pastes all the drivel both here and on the AAPL board; he will not answer you directly because he is incapable of intelligent discussion.

      The incremental $30 billion in revenues is a pipe dream; Dell will be lucky to hold as a $50 billion revenue company with shrinking margins.

      I'm thinking about buying some 12 month puts in the $27/28 range. I think that should be a pretty good investment.

    • Mr Guru:

      You've avoided the question -- does that mean you have no confidence in Dell's future either? At least on its current course?

      You've repeated yourself like the "Rainman" enough times.......$50 Billion (KMart, People's Court)......soon $80 Billion......

      Where's the additional $30 Billion coming from? A silver platter?

      It's definitely not coming from pricing or innovation.

    • MSFT has 10+ billion shares

      GE around 11 billion

      PFE 7+ billion shares

      CSCO 6+ billion

      TWX 4+ billion

      ORCL 5+ billion

      SUNW 3+ billion

      LU 4+ billion

      NT 4+ billion shares

      Dell has only 2+ billion shares (VERY GOOD)

    • Good post

      Dell no longer has a source of competitive advantage. They are trying to expand into lower volume, higher price/margin PC's (XPS line) but I still don't think they have solved the quality problems or poor customer service issues.

      Best of luck Dell you're going to need it.

      I would bet anyone on this board that Dell stock will stay in the $30 range (or lower) unless they have a radical shift in strategy.

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