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  • steve222261 steve222261 Mar 31, 2007 9:57 AM Flag


    If you count after hours trading, dell wound up plus for the day after admitting accounting mismanagement, no 10k again for 9 monthes and counting and quality control problem. All this and a buisness that is doing poorly to began with. And it winds up flat for the day. The sec is supposed to protect investors but it only protects what best for the market. The manipulation by a few institutions of Dells price action yesterday is an embarrasment to the market at best and criminal at worst. No one knows it the accounting problems are minor(doubtfull with a 9 month old sec investigation) or truly major but in either case there is no way in the world Dells price should of been held up like it was yesterday in a fair and clean market. Its sad that in the greatest country in the world that the stock market has become as curropt as it has and no one really gives a shit about that.

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    • Stop worrying about your shorts sissy ...

      DELL is going down for the count.

      It is amazing to witness the high volume on Friday but the stock price didn't move.???

    • oh i totally agree it will be dropping shortly, if for no other reason to get it to that 22.50 for options expry day, but it just so frustrating to watch the mass price manipulation this pos goes thru everyday

    • Give it time... you will see it go down soon enough. I agree with you whole heartedly. It caught them all off guard or it would seem it did by statements from Goldmann. I dont trust any of them. You can bet they will be trading their little behinds off over the next few days trying to perform damage control.....

      Bottom line is the stock will be dropping!!!!! When is the question. Monday, Tuesday, not much time now...