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  • avdaugust avdaugust Dec 11, 2007 5:22 PM Flag

    dell is not anywere near compUSA

    you negative investors (shorts) will say anything to bring

    down the value of a company. you can't even compare DELL

    too a COMPUSA. they are two different kinds of investments.

    COMPUSA doesn't manufactor anything but sells products from

    different mfgs. its too bad they had bad management and

    couldn't make it in this space. dell on the other side is

    heading in the right direction with new products and

    putting their products in retailers. in my book they make

    an excellent product and I have been happy with my "dell".

    while apple is doing well, I see HP taking a back seat as

    their quality is not as good as dell and and will lose

    market share as dell continues to reinvent itself with new

    products and culture. the wake up call has been heard

    and their going full speed ahead. this is a great

    investment and I will continue to hold my position. You

    traders are in it for the short term and every dollar you

    can squeeze. you play your games, and investors will

    continue to hold. stop the crap with downing the company

    that has more in the bank than you doo. Most or not many

    of you couldn't run a candy store. Your just a bunch of

    jerks trying to knock the stock.

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