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  • n16m15 n16m15 Nov 19, 2009 6:42 PM Flag

    DELL machines are well known GARBAGE!

    Customer service is insulting!

    I will never buy another Dell...NEVER!!!!

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    • AMEN BROTHER... that makes two of us. Bought a system from them and it died. And I'm ashame to admit it but I also bought a Dell jukebox too and it died twice (warrenty)

    • Folks, in the world of krappy hardware - here's your winner. Congrats HP.

    • do any of you morons ever ATTEMPT to fix a problem yourself? That's unfortunately what our society is moving towards. Instead of trying to solve a problem on your own, you want immediate help and you want it fixed immediately. If that can't be done whatever product you've bought is garbage. It's like calling GE and complaining about a burned out light bulb instead of just replacing it yourself. Lots of people who buy computers are morons. They get spyware, malware, viruses, etc. and somehow that's Dell's fault when their computer screws up. I have had dell computers for years, I have an inspiron laptop at home from 2000 that works just fine. All my computers at home are dell and i've NEVER had a problem. But I'm also not downloading torrent files or movies from weird IP's or stuff like that. Any minor issue I've got with hardware/software I'm on google trying to find a message board to resolve the issue. I know it's for losers, but it turns out that learning things is pretty useful in life. Instead of calling tech support when your playgirl icon disappears from the desktop, trying fixing it yourself the next time. Then maybe you'll begin to realize it isn't Dell's fault, it's yours.

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      • I agree--I always try to fix all my problems myself. And I am not a techno-GEEK. I happen to be an English professor who now writes full time. I need my computers to work and work well. That is why I basically for the last twenty years since I was young--have tackled this computer nightmare myself and starting with ZERO knowledge. Now, I can diagnose and fix 99% of issues myself, as the prior poster said, by perusing message boards and searching for the solution online.

        But the reason for this post is not pumping about my prowess or even Dell. I am just stating why I have recently bought AMD, MSFT, and now 5000 shares of Dell. My son and his friends evaluated the computer-related industry stock, and these were their recommendations--not for the short term but the long term. I bought AMD in the $4s and $5s--they were right. I bought MSFT in $25-$26; they were right.

        I bought Dell yesterday at $14.88--probably too high--well, obviously--but I think that it was a good choice.

        Further, the main reason for listening to these kids--well, young men, 21-22 years old was this:

        I think being a techno-GEEK is a compliment, by the way. My son who goes to Princeton calls himself one--and all of his friends assume that moniker without taking it as pejorative. Translated to me, anyway, a techno-Geek is a person typically highly-educated in school or one who is self-taught because of an insatiable appetite for knowledge, who can use, design, interface, diagnose and then repair a myriad of electronic devices at will and instantly--like my son and his friends.

        They always build their own computers, but they all bought Dell laptops for class. These are not stupid kids, trust me.

        They all love them...

        And they all feel that with Windows 7 taking the computer market by storm, Dell will prosper because they always use MSFT software. And these are kids who all hated VISTA and went to LINUX on their own, now use Windows 7 and love it. This will help Dell--instrumentally.


    • DELL machines are fine unless you have problems - if you do & have to deal with their customer service, you'll never buy from Dell again.

      Long term, this company is going to kill itself with it's horrendously inept, rude customer service & support.

      You think they'd at least figure out how to get IP telephony working so it doesn't sound like you're talking to someone on a walkie-talkie.

    • You stick with Windows and I will throw that out of the window. Obviously you have no clue about Mac and that's why your compatriots copied Mac OS!!!

    • the best computers i have ever had were dell, and i've had several other's. forget the junk at the big box stores.

    • "Customer service is insulting!.

      "I will never buy 'another Dell...NEVER!!!!"

      AOL, Verizon, and DELL are perfect for each other. They should merge together.

    • I quit buying Dell decades ago. Quality is too poor.

      If it is hardware, buy Japanese such as Fujitsu,
      Toshiba, NEC, Epson or Hitachi....Ones sold in Japan are
      the highest quality... nothing to argue about.

      I use an Epson and works great.


    • I agree and disagree with you. They make great desktop, shitty notebooks, and their customer service is crap. So, Dell got 1 out of 3. They need to fix their customer service big time. That is one thing that is killing them. Fixing that will bring customers back because if I have support to fix a problem with my computer, I will continue buying.

    • Saw some at Best Buy...they looked like computers that would be produced by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Very unappealing.

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      • Soviet Union never produced a single desktop or laptop computer.

        Stop bashing Dell. In my many years dealing with Dell, the only people who complain about Dell tech support are those that are unable to relay the problem in simple lament terms. Tech people are not mind readers. Clearly explain the problem and they will be eager to help you.

        I have had hard drive failures twice this year and both times I have been helped by Indian tech support with success.