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  • o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Sep 26, 2012 6:14 AM Flag

    This was a long time coming for this horrible, Chinese junk buying terd.

    Oh, and vinnie you hypocrite - it's "signalling" not, "signaling". Spelling is the cornerstone of being listened to.

    How is it that people as stupid as you manage to get on the internet?

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    • Keithley made volt meters that could go down to a femtoVolt and Dell couldn't make a PC with correct DMA signaling at 8MHz even though the timing was outlined in the 8237 tech reference manual.

      Since then, the lack of quality across all products lines, (except for the servers whose design was done by INTC in Hillsboro,) has been the hallmark of the Dell name. Packaged with MS Windows, a Dell machine is a pretty potent combination of awful hardware and software all in the same box.

      Does Quanta still design Dell laptops in Taipei or did they find some other hack shop to do the deed? I remember Quanta engineers chopping huge chunks of BIOS out because they didn't want to spend the extra few cents for a bigger flash part.

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      • Yeah, when you worked for Keithley 25 years ago, cassette tapes were still the norm.

        Quit living in the past...8 MHz and getting your panties in a bunch, jeez.

        10 Dell machines here and never a problem - 8 of them up to 7 years old still going strong running every operating system Microsoft made back to Windows 2000.

        You are full of yourself, which you clearly know. Unfortunately, you won't get your wish - the company isn't going out of business, regardless of your anecdotal experience. However, you should still short all that you can - that DMA problem is surely reason for them to have their business destroyed.

        Pathetic bud - seriously..

        Sentiment: Buy

    • No, Bush for Brains. It's signaling. Now you are officially twice as dumb. You are referencing the obscure and largely unused British form of the word.