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  • bananas500 bananas500 Jan 14, 2013 4:21 PM Flag

    Remember the Old Days?

    We were all going to be dellionaires, remember? Remember Michael Dell, the boy genius? Didn't have a chair in his office, to busy and on the go.

    Those were the days of being naive and ignorant. Buy and hold for years, right you ole timers? I got the shaft big time and still paying the price, but I'm doing OK, no crying needed. It just shows you how things can change quickly and what is the real reason of investing. The purpose of investing is to make money. If you are not making money GET OUT, screw loyality, because your company that you had loyality too, will #$%$ in a second, along with their pundits, expert and surrogates. Companies are not out there to be loved, they are there to make money. Likewise, you put your hard earned money or parent's inheritance to make money as well. If you are not making money, you got to go back and figure out why. Screw your ego. Screw your hurt feelings. Sell and do more research on the companies you would like to invest in, whether they have thousands of people or 20.

    HEY DELL, don't let the door hit you on the #$%$ on the way out! So long, see you later Charly, good riddence, BYE BYE. HEY, Michael DELL is still very rich, good for him!

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    • I agree with your comment...So stupid how a stock can go up 20% within seconds and basically increase a company within seconds but then drop 30% within a few hours. The Stock Market is nothing more then a big Casino. All the Stock market is trading wealth. If I buy a stock for $5, and you buy it for $6 and I sell mine at $6 I took your dollar and it goes back down to $5 is what it really is. I become $1 richer and your $1 poorer. They had top "winners" and "losers" billionaires who have made money - 1 was -45% and another was lamest terms the one billioniare took the money of the other. It's stupid. Then you have a stock like amazon that is trading at 3,650 X it's earnings - YES 3 Thousand X it's earnings! Or Linkeden trading at 750X and at $115/share, but then you have Monster WorldWide trading at 10X and it's barley breaking $6. Or Ford trading at $13.50 and GM trading at $30 When GM filed for BK and Ford did not....Makes no sense.