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  • l4l85 l4l85 Jan 30, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    Deal happening this week!

    We all know we are getting 15 for sure since that has been announced and there's potential for 16 or max 17 I believe with MSFT's additional 3 Billion (Still in works). This is a no-brainer... get in while you can... easy money as they say!

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    • You may think "we are getting 15 for sure", but that doesn't make it true.
      There have been zero statements from Dell and, or any private equity firm about a LBO or at what price. There have been some rumors put out by people trying to bump up the stock price, but that means nothing.
      In fact a buyout could be for $12 to $13 per share, or not at all.
      You may think there is "easy money" here, but Wall street is not that stupoid. If there was anything near certainty of a pending deal at $13.50 (or higher) then the stock price would be trading at or near that price right now.

    • it's FAR from done, with Mike Dell nixxing MicroSoft, there's still financing to be sorted out. And what banker would want to own Junk Paper on Dell?

    • if anything, this deal highlights the issue of off-shore cash. I've read enough to know that accountants and lawyers are working hard for their employers to get this cash back stateside with minimal tax impact. These types of highly creative LBOs may be one vehicle and also explain why the deal has been in the works for several months

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