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  • watersfall9999 watersfall9999 Feb 8, 2013 4:22 PM Flag

    Dig deeper Mr. Dell

    Did you really think the shareholders would let you steal this company? You have always had a conflict of interest against the majority of the stockholders in this so called LBO. The BOD needs to immediately bring in a independent advisor to value the company and propose a price TO YOU... Get ready to dig much deeper into your war chest dummy. Nice try but no dice on your joke offer.

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    • The "value" of the company is whatever someone is willing to pay for it.
      Right now that is the inflated price of $13.65, and no one else is willing to pay more.
      You call for an "independent advisor" ? Who or what is that suppoed to mean?? Any person or company can offer more if they want to and are capable of paying, but there is no other offer.
      This deal may turn out to be Mike Dell and his group walking away now, and coming back later this year or next year to buy the company for $10 or $11 per share. remember, there are no other bidders.
      Hope this helps.

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      • There are no other bidders because Mr. Dell saw to that. He and the BOD better be careful on this deal or they may end up in a white collar prison or at the very least on park benches feeding the pigeons. Mr. Dell needs to stop acting like they are doing the existing shareholders a favor by stealing their shares. That's the ultimate con, the mark thinking you are doing him a favor, while you rip him off. If you don't know what an independent advisor in context of this deal it is someone hired to maximize the benefit to all shareholders not just Mr. Dell. Lets talk again when the stock hits the $20's.

      • ****BREAKING NEWS***

        Micorsoft is preparing a bid for both HP PC and DELL PC businesses.... They plan to consolidate the PC world and fully integrate their software, just like APPLE dorks. License agreements will be discounted to other PC makers after renewal contract dates are reached.

        MSFT cash position of $80 billion will fund BOTH purchases, and will be ACCRETIVE to MSFT holders immediately since cash earns ZIPPO.

        Rumored bid for DELL is closer to $20 a share.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy