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  • thethirdchimp thethirdchimp Feb 9, 2013 10:01 PM Flag

    M. Dell Can Pay Twice His Current Offer and Still Make Lots of Money on Buy Out

    this is the consensus of the best valuations and analyses that I have seen... expect Dell to confer w/ the biggest shareholders, Southeastern Assets especiallly, and then raise his bid before it reaches a shareholder vote .... minimum 16 and max 20 is my guess

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    • The true value of a public company is its market trading price. For Dell, much of last year that price was $9 to $10 per share.
      What Southeastern "thinks" Dell is worth is irrelevant. Southeastern paid too much for their Dell shares, but that is their problem. I promise you that Mike Dell could care less what Southeastern thinks is a fair buyout price. He certainly is not going to bid against himself here.
      Rather than complain about Mike Dell's buyout offer price, Southeastern should put together it's own buying group and make an offer to buy Dell for more than the current $13.65 offer.

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      • here is another option if Dell doesn't raise the offer price for buyer.
        institution shareholders will vote no and elect new independent BOD members via proxy fight. New BOD can decide to tender offer Mike Dell's 15% at $13.65. Then select a new CEO that is competent and professional to run the company to maximize shareholders value. This way, shareholders will bear the risk and Dell can cash out at $13.65 and get lost.