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  • cspanosmwc cspanosmwc Mar 11, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    Hey Icahn

    Why not get Apple to borrow 250B and then do a special dividend of $400 per share.
    Atleast they still make lots of money each quarter. Why not try your scam with a real company?

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    • Maybe AAPL could borrow $500 billion and five shares holders an $800 special one time dividend.
      Or borrow $750 billion and give shareholders $1000.

      Who cares about future of businesses? Lets just grab the money.

      DELL shareholders should get a special one time dividend of at least $16 nopt a wimpy $9.
      If they are going to kill the company by saddling it with debt, the least they can do is allow the shareholders to break even with a $16 one time dividend. after that, the shares will be worthless IMO.