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  • islandbrook2000 islandbrook2000 Mar 25, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    Smartest Guys in the Room

    Blackstone, Dell and Ichan are to clever to lead with thier highest bid first. The best is yet to come. Stay tuned

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    • Blackstone and, or, Ichan is not willing (or incapable) of putting up money to match the current Mike Dell $13.65 offer. Blackstone and Ichan have offered nothing of substance, and likely won't.

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      • bashford---I do not think you know who blackstone is or their capabilities. They are one of the few who can actually do this deal.
        By the way, the reason blackstone was not interested initially is that MDell is requiring that he ends upwith a majority of the shares. That is why the offer is no higher than it is. There is no way blackstone is going to allow that. Now that MDell is in jeopardy of losing his company and his job, he is now ready to do a deal with blackstone. If you don't know what I am talking about review the actions of Johnson when he was trying to do a deal for RJR with KKR about 20 years ago. KKR recognized that Johnson was a pig and cut him loose . And now blackstone realizes MDell is a pig.
        Hope this helps.

      • Bashfordcapital There are two views (1) the best bid is the $13.65 bid by Dell and thus they have already sold or foolishly remained short or (2) a much better bid is coming from one of the three and are still long. The fact that 53 million shares were bought at the $14.35-14 65 range strongly favours number two

    • sure they are ... you would probably act exactly the way they do .... looks like Mickey wants to team up with Blackstone and Ichan now .... heh . He's been always " me too ! " boy ... always a few steps behind.

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      • Bash,I'm really impressed.You seem to know better what I've got then me myself ....?!
        heh ... pathetic !
        I've got what I've got and I' happy with that.
        sure Mickey is a billionaier but Dell's performance has been rather bleak for the last several years (no "audacity" needed to notice that)
        If your comparison is to be accurate ... don't compare me with Mickey ...(I m sure not his league).
        Compare Dell's performance or cap value to Apple,IBM ... or Oracle.
        by the way ... What did Mickey say about Steve Jobs ?
        Bash ... could you remind me please ? Bash ....
        you are hopeless .... nothing will help you I'm affraid.
        Get real.

      • Mike Dell is a multi billionaire .
        You are here sweating your 500 shares of Dell and you have the audacity to say Mike Dell is "always a few steps behind"? Get real.