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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Apr 1, 2013 10:46 PM Flag

    Hey Mike Dell, why do you need to stay in control. Arent you worth 16 billion dollars ?


    don't you have more money than you could ever want ?
    why not sell the company, and let someone else run it ?
    Thats like michelle carusa cabrerra saying we need to keep the dimon's of the banking industry, to help with recovery, when it was people like them that put us in such bad shape.
    hey mike, why not sell, and retire, and spend the rest of you life enjoying it, and giving money to charity ?
    oh, and how about keeping it here in the u.s., where most of your money came from.
    why in the world, is it so freegan important, for you to stay in charge.
    you made dell a once great company.
    but you also helped put dell where it is today.
    you failed.
    step aside.
    maybe you can move down to the caribean , and be macafee's neighbor.
    i just hope you like large packs of dogs barking and snarling all day and all night.

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    • maybe just a smidge overstated?

    • Question: How much are the hard assets of the company actually worth?

      If Michael Dell were to buy the company, how much would he be paying for the name and goodwill portion of the company? Would this number be in the billions? Maybe he should just walk away and start a new company. He has the name that people would trust if they were to buy a product from him. If he started a new computer company, the products could be manufactured in China. With him being behind the new company, he could quite possibly accomplish this with no money out of his pocket. The manufacturing companies and investors would most likely cover all of the costs.

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      • "The products could be manufactured in China"? I have an idea. Why doesn't he manufacture his new company's products here in the U.S., pay decent middle-class wages and benefits, rather than paying slave wages in China?

      • @tlee
        DELL as a firm has the equipment, agreements, industry connections, and they are what goes with the brand name. The equipment can make cheap and relatively modern computers for the majority of the world that doesn't live like the US and Europe. M Dell could build a new company, but the Dell firm would get that market very quickly and with a reputation. That's why he wants to keep the firm.

        There is a report that says that M Dell may really be willing to sell. Short and sweet, just like it hits the Y! Fin homepage in 3 days. I think the only way that I see that is if he says ... fine, if it's worth 150-167% of my bid then I'll sell and get out of the way. That moves the price from $14.24-$15 up to $20-22. idk, just a thought. Remember, if there is a public stub he can approve the deala nd still be the 14% majority holder behind any buyer.

        What do you think of any of that?