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  • rogerjames55346 rogerjames55346 Jul 19, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    Cramer lambasts both Dell and Icahn on Sqwack Box this morning....

    Claimed they were both delusional about turning Dell around. All you need to do is take a good close look at what Microsoft reported, drop your bids and let Dell shares fall to where they belong.....$7.00 a share. That $7.00 IS NOT MADE UP BY ME. $7.00 is what Jim Cramer says Dell is worth right now sans bidding war from two very misguided men.

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    • A year ago the stock was trading within $1 of the current price. BEFORE the offer. At 12x's earnings now.

      Did Cramer extrapolate the lower price based on revenue reduction, cost increases or both?

      The stock hasn't been below $9 in 15 years. How did Cramer get to $7??

    • Carl Icahn is worth $20 BILLION. i trust his opinion over Crammer's.

    • Jim Cramer’s predictions sometimes swing dramatically from optimistic to pessimistic, and back again, over short periods. It is difficult to infer his guiding valuation theory.
      Investor sentiment is sometimes an important contrarian indicator for him. When he sees most investors leaning one way, he advises to go the other way.
      He sometimes anchors on historical analogies (samples of one), such as: “it’s ’91 all over again” or “I’m placing my bets for 2004 strictly using 1994′s tip sheet.”
      He is prone more to headline hyperbole than equivocation. For example, from 1/21/01: “This is the lowest-risk, highest-reward environment possible.” And from 3/24/03: “…the risks of owning stocks are as high as I have ever seen them, and the rewards the least certain.”

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      • Right or Wrong, he puts it out there. There is another CNBC commentator that really irritates me, his name is Guy Adami. This GUY will say, the market is moving higher....but I just don't like it. Yes, we're going higher, in the short term, but long term the trend is down (specifics....none). The other panelists on Fast Money have different opinions, so when the market moves against what he said. He'll say WE warned you this was coming. If it moves with what he said "I" told you so. Guy Adami was born with 2 mouths AND he can talk out of them at the same time. Should be in a circus this GUY.