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  • oldtimer2013 oldtimer2013 Jul 31, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    Why doesn't Michael Dell increase the offer to $14?

    I have run many stock price valuation models in the past.

    The difference between $14 and $13.75 is only 1.82%.

    This 1.82% is much below the margin of error of ANY stock price valuation model. I don't know what model Silver Lake is using but these guys must be smoking pipes.

    For those of you who have purchases real estate before. Let me ask you this. If you see a house that you REALLY LIKE, and you have offered to buy the house for $500,000. The seller tells you that you are not going to get it unless you increase the offer to $510,000. Will you increase the offer or just walk away?

    For 90% of the sane population, I would say they will increase the offer by that 2%.

    As for Michael Dell, the more I think about it, he is either a rich idiot or a cheap genius.

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