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  • MD thinks its worth almost 14 based on some future strategy for the company. It is highly likely that this quarter's report will not be pretty. Without the buyout talk, the stock could probably get to single digits after this quarter's report on 8/2013 . if you liked the stock at 11-12 you'll like it even more at 10 or lower.

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    • Yes possibly. Seems that a lot on this board forgot there WERE others that looked at DELL, but walked away. Icahn just thought M. Dell would up his buying price....but wouldn't Face it, M. Dell has made a lot of money since he started his offer...just how much was HIS shares worth BEFORE the offer...and NOW? So, if he is voted down, he can walk away....sell his shares and make much more than what they were worth before....However....that would tend to drive the pps down. And read...getting repetitious here...Icahn's offer is ONLY for 1.1 billion shares...NOT ALL OF THE SHARES. In a tender offer, I doubt seriously any that post on here will see 14 dollars a share. I just bought today to make a quick trade.

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