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  • wozof477 wozof477 Aug 1, 2013 5:53 AM Flag

    August's largest percentage gainer will be...


    CCUR holds the world's #1 largest video on demand (VOD) technology market share with a reach of 50 million pay-TV households, yet it's trading for $8.14 with an enterprise value of only $48.89 million or 0.77X revenues of $63.23 million and 8.73X free cash flow. The #2 VOD market share leader SEAC is now trading with an enterprise value of 1.74X revenues and 20X free cash flow! These two multiples would value CCUR at $15.12 and $15.35 per share respectively!

    CCUR's other VOD tech rival Harmonic (HLIT) is now trading for $7.66 per share, only 6% below CCUR. CCUR deserves to trade for about 50% to 100% higher than HLIT's share price:

    CCUR's Cash Per Share is 60% Higher than HLIT
    CCUR's Revenue Per Share is 49% Higher than HLIT
    CCUR's Gross Profit Per Share is 85% Higher than HLIT
    CCUR's EBITDA Per Share is 559% Higher than HLIT
    CCUR's GAAP EPS is 14,017% Higher than HLIT
    CCUR's Non-GAAP EPS is 115% Higher than HLIT
    CCUR's Operating Cash Flow Per Share is 33% Higher than HLIT
    CCUR's Free Cash Flow Per Share is 36% Higher than HLIT

    Current Analysis now rates CCUR's VOD platform #1 in the pay-TV industry ahead of #2 Cisco (CSCO) a $137 billion company! SEAC and HLIT are rated 2nd to last and last, respectively! CCUR and SEAC have been rumored takeover targets!

    After hitting a new 52-week high Tuesday of $8.61, CCUR dipped on Wednesday to $8.14. For six straight months, CCUR was dipping to higher lows then rapidly rebounding to its $8 resistance. CCUR finally broke through its key resistance this week and is about to explode into double digits! CCUR recently announced a Top 5 MSO as its new multi-screen CDN client and later this month CCUR's 10-K filing will disclose for the first time that it's Time Warner Cable (TWC), the #2 U.S. cable TV operator! CCUR's 10-K will also show revenues for the first time from CCUR's brand new CDN client Virgin Media, the #1 UK cable TV operator!

    CCUR recently doubled its dividend and now pays an industry leading yield of 5.9%!

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