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  • nusaiba nusaiba Aug 1, 2013 7:57 AM Flag

    who does not want to buy right here at 12.92 for 73c return tomorrow morning and i know iam going to add to my position and iam going to vot

    for dell offer tomorrow morning

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    • No, it will not go up $0.73 tomorrow, even if there is a "meeting" and even if there is a favorable vote, favorable to the Dell proposal. There will still be uncertainty and that will be reflected in the stock price. The best that might happen is that the stock might (note: "might") go up to $3.30 a share or thereabouts. As I see it, the stock probably has $0.40 of upside in the next week or so (and that assumes the vote does take place tomorrow) and more ominously perhaps $3 of downside (if the deal does not go through). So, the risk:reward is really against you.

      With that said, and as I commented yesterday, the institutions are looking at the same scenario and my sense is that although they think that the stock is truly worth more, that they will vote for the $13.65 and get on to the next case, I sure would. To argue that Michael Dell is stealing the company, absolutely, but what would you expect him to do? What would you do, pay up for no good reason?

      Sentiment: Hold