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  • yesitsascam yesitsascam Sep 11, 2013 3:32 PM Flag

    We'll see a Dell IPO again

    after present shrhldrs get robbed for 13.75+ MDell will take it public again and make the big bucks AGAIN, without us can bet on it. Shareholders are treated like 2nd class citizens in the stock market. what a scam on the public. ....BEWARE

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    • Yes, and here is the plan, just like my shares in CDW were stolen for pennies on the dollar about 3 years ago:
      1. hoard cash while management talks down the share price.
      2. founder conspires with BOD and management for LBO, using shareowner cash to buy their shares for pennies on the dollar. Michael Dell and Michael Krasney (CDW).
      3. issue large amount of debt.
      4. use debt proceeds to pay large dividend to buyout conspirators so they can recoup their initial "investment".
      5. fire 25% of employees to reduce cost ("right size" the business)
      6. berate remaining employees for not working efficiently enough as they slave away to pay off the new debt
      7. do IPO to sell new debt ridden business to the next mom & pop chumps, pocketing more billions.
      So, what does THIS screwed former investor in Dell and CDW do? Absolute and perpetual exclusion of their products and services from future purchasing consideration. Just like I will never buy a Chrysler or GM product after the government stole those companies from the bold holders and gave them to the unions that destroyed the companies to begin with.
      Perhaps the two Michaels can contemplate the meaning of "thou shalt not steal" while they are burning in hell for eternity.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • I doubt Dell ill IPO again since the main reason to go private bc dell did want to give the div. .

    • Correct. That IPO is the end game. The financial media wont say a word against the deal. Icahn gave only token resistance and then bowed out. The big funds seem to go along with it. I wonder what backroom deals were made with the big shareholders at the expense of small shareholders. I sold most of my shares at 14.30 and sold my last shares a few days ago. Made a small profit, but I still resent the scam that is being perpetrated on public. Good luck to any remaining shareholders.

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      • I view this Dell saga as one of the most blatant examples of why our markets, and the companies that comprise them, are corrupt, Special committee? ..who chose this special committee? ..Michael Dell? Cause it appears that from the start they were in his back pocket, making sure he won the fight. Two vote postponements and then a change in the voting rules? How could anyone trust the markets when they see actions like that occur, and succeed! The powers that be don't realize, or just don't care, that more investors flee the market every day when they acknowledge that anything goes in our markets and that they're always at a disadvantage ..just like going to a casino. It's a dirty game.