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  • chekmark chekmark Nov 29, 1997 1:52 PM Flag

    insider selling clarification

    There were 24 insiders who sold shares between Aug 21 and Nov. 21 1997. A total of 1.4 million were sold. An additional 6 insiders filed SEC Form 144 to announce their intent to sell 150000 unregistered shares in Nov. Although Vicker's Weekly Insider assigns Dell a bearish -251 rating, the fundamentals prove otherwise as Dell keeps up an impressive performance.

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    • OK, enough is enough about WHY insiders are trading. There are many reasons why insiders sell off some of their stock. One very important reason is they can NOT hold too many shares based on SEC rules. They HAVE to sell the shares at some point. Second,
      the PPS has reached a plateau and DELL will be tested at this range for a while. Why not sell the shares now and have some spending money for the holidays. Some execs also sell shares for property investments rather than financing them. Lots of other reasons too . . . too many to list here. Bottom line is that insider trading doesn't mean diddly squat on the direction of the stock and/or the company. Next subject.